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Kedleston Hall

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25 miles of cycling around Ashbourne with a cafe stop at Kedleston Hall. We have done this ride once before Look here. I wrote then of shutting doors as far as exercise was concerned and getting older. They are still closing and it is the first time for a while that Lynne, Judy and I have been for a ride. A problem of knees, time and holidays.

Sunday was a little more Strenuous.



Manche Normandy

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We stayed at Anne’s house close to here. Floodplains that have not been built on and flood on a regular basis



A visit to Waddington

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Thyme Leaved Speedwell

We made a visit to Lincoln and spent time looking at flowers.



Oranges and Storks

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orange people small.jpg

Clearing up the oranges in Serpa

Serpa – Alcoutin 106Km 5h 27 min Av Hr Rate 61% Av Speed 19.5

Weather forecasts have not worked for me in this area. It is cool with a perfect blue sky. The TV tells me it be cloudy with possible showers. I do not think so. I saw Hoopoes, Storks, Grouse, Lapwing and Azure winged Magpies. As I loaded up the bike I met the pavement crew knocking the oranges on to the street. I took their photograph.

The photographs if you did not see them on the last post.


Up the Guadiana without a freewheel

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Serpa – Pulo do Lobo – Serpa 40Km Av 59% Av 17.00 Km/Hr

square small.jpg

Praca da Rebublica – Serpa Portugal

I went out at first light to take some photographs and find breakfast. I found a Café with locals who were sat down and eating – a good sign!

The photographs



1954 and all that

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school boy.jpg

Watching the football 1954 from Pathe news

I was struggling to find a topic for the set of assemblies I had to do last week. It was Mother’s day and my birthday so I came up with a compromise of the year 1954, (more…)


Valle de Ourika – High Atlas

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Marrakech – Setti Fatma – Tahanaoute – Marrakech 130 Km

mountains web1.jpg

Marrakech in February has mountains to the south that are covered in snow – the High Atlas. That was irresistible to a man with who has bought his bicycle with him and has escorted two ladies around the town for a few days.

The photographs


Marrakech jardins and food stalls

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cobalt house web.jpg

Jardin majorelle created by the painter Jacques Majorelle and was delightful

We stayed in a delightful Riad, a town house that had a roof garden with a courtyard that was normally open to the elements. As it was winter max temp 24/25 they had a plastic roof but we still shared our living area with birds.



Dunford Bridge

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Link to the artist and his photographs I was about to take a photograph similar to this when the camera informed me that the batteries were providing no power and it promtly turned itself off

Why it did not tell me that there was little remaining power this morning is confusing. We cycled past this image close to Penistone on the Trans Pennine trail.


Another attack by a dog

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Lumpy country

75 Km 4 hours 17 min

The photographs


The invisible road – Alte – Monchique – Foia

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88Km 6 hours !


communications towers at the top of Faio 900 meters

The photographs

I started the day cycling through beautiful cork oak forest that looked close to the natural state of things – wilderness – but I suspect the land is managed in ways that are not obvious. I arrived in a small village Soalheira. There was two choices as far as roads were concerned. A tarmacked road that was guarded by two unchained dogs that looked very aggresive and an alternative a steep track without tarmac that headed into the hills.



A giant pomegranate making facility

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Faro – Alte


I sat and waited on the balcony for the best shot

Starting cycling at 8:30am on the first day of January meant there was little or no traffic, which was lucky really because even after some reconnaissance I ended up on a motorway type road leading to the airport. It was round the roundabout and try again.

The photographs


Faro Portugal

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stork web.jpg

White Stork nesting near the marina in Faro Portugal

I have never been on a nearly empty plane before. After I had checked in and had been through security I arrived at my gate and was confused because there was only ten people there. I asked to board the plane as I assumed everybody had already boarded. I was asked to wait. When I did board I chose a row of three seats with a lot of legroom and made a bed as the plane was three-quaters empty. These are the seats that the steward has to give you special instructions because it is your job, in case of an emergency, to open the exit and lead your fellow passengers to safety by clambering over the wing. Has this ever happened?

The photographs




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Is the distance I have cycled in Kilometers this year according to my cateye “computer thing” for the bike. It is the first year I have kept one for the whole year without re-setting or breaking it.


the river Tame close to Stalybridge looking Welsh or Scottish in character. We were in the middle of a spectacular low pressure

We have been so lucky this year and cannot remember getting a thorough soaking. We did today.


Christmas at Padfield

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family web.jpg

Positives: I did not feel depressed, a booked flight to Portugal might have eased that problem. We were all moderately healthy apart from my father who could not speak but he seamed cheerful enough.

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