In which an ageing climber comes to terms with life closer to the ground.


Scapa Flow Dives

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The dive boat – click on to enlarge – note diver ascending up ladder on side of boat

I was determined to have a better day on the boat today.


July was wet!

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The river Wye close to Monsal Head after a wee bit of rain

The first two weeks of my holiday has involved me in complicated avoidance tactics to avoid getting wet. if I had two knees that worked I would have flown out of the country. I have though cooked some nice meals! To see all of the wetness click on the image.


More summer flowers

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Yellow Iris Swallow’s Wood Click on the image to enlarge to full size.


Forgetting the essentials

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Lynne decided to have a day off diving and I teamed up with Richard a young man from Wales, a potential medical student. Lynne took some good photographs.

Mike and Richard starting the dive, I forgot my wetsuit on the next dive!

Holiday photographs – same link as previous post


Fashion is difficult to keep up with

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Lynne getting dressed to go diving in 7 degrees centrigrade water

We had a couple of difficult days. Skills that might be easy in warm water with a thin wetsuit become very difficult in this temperature in a dry suit.



New Skills

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After a Monday at work I did not expect to be learning the new skill of extricating yourself from this situation

To find out why and how



Sotherby’s at Chatsworth 08

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The main attraction at Chatsworth apart from the beautiful Autumn colours

I took some photographs


Slaidburn Forest of Bowland

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There are not many places in England especially close to Manchester where it is quiet on a sunny day at the weekend. The Forest of Bowland used to be one of those places. When I was cycling the summer before last I stayed at Slaidburn Youth Hostel and thought at the time it would be nice to go back there when the weather was nice.

lythe Fell Road – North of Slaidburn

I cycled up the this road with a man of a similar age who was getting a 50 mile ride in before lunch and before his grandchildren arrived for the afternoon. Makes you think….



The Phil and Friends Challenge Ride

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The advert for next year, the 2008 version covered the same course


l’île Callot

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A warning to be taken seriously



We went for a walk in the forest

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When you go for a pee in the forest you have to tell the inhabitants you are there. Lynne did and then asked me to go in to the undergrowth to take a photograph of the adder.



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Last ride in the Alpes and on to Brittany

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La Roche aux Fees

For my last ride before going to meet Lynne I wanted something pretty, long but not too hard. From a colouring in point of view, yellow highlighter on map. The Alpe du Grd –Serre combined with the Col d’Ornon which I have done previously looked the best option.



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The Alp d’ Huez from the road leading up to Villard Notre Dame

Sun 3rd of August

I thought I would rest today but looking up at the hillside from the campsite I could see the road that had been recommended to me by an English cyclist that connects to the road that comes down from the Col d’Ornon.


Alpe d’ Huez, Col de Sarenne and Col de St-Christophe

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Sea of cloud while descending from the Col de Sarenne

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