Chaplog tries hard In which an ageing climber comes to terms with life closer to the ground.


Slaidburn Forest of Bowland

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There are not many places in England especially close to Manchester where it is quiet on a sunny day at the weekend. The Forest of Bowland used to be one of those places. When I was cycling the summer before last I stayed at Slaidburn Youth Hostel and thought at the time it would be nice to go back there when the weather was nice.

lythe Fell Road – North of Slaidburn

I cycled up the this road with a man of a similar age who was getting a 50 mile ride in before lunch and before his grandchildren arrived for the afternoon. Makes you think….



The Phil and Friends Challenge Ride

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The advert for next year, the 2008 version covered the same course


Last ride in the Alpes and on to Brittany

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La Roche aux Fees

For my last ride before going to meet Lynne I wanted something pretty, long but not too hard. From a colouring in point of view, yellow highlighter on map. The Alpe du Grd –Serre combined with the Col d’Ornon which I have done previously looked the best option.



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The Alp d’ Huez from the road leading up to Villard Notre Dame

Sun 3rd of August

I thought I would rest today but looking up at the hillside from the campsite I could see the road that had been recommended to me by an English cyclist that connects to the road that comes down from the Col d’Ornon.


Alpe d’ Huez, Col de Sarenne and Col de St-Christophe

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Sea of cloud while descending from the Col de Sarenne


La Marmotte – well some of it.

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Col du Glandon, Col De Croix de Fer, Col du telegraphe and the Col du Galibier a long day

There is a cycle sportif that is held every year in the Alps that is supposed to be the hardest of them all and has more climbing than any other. It is called La Marmotte. I cannot enter it as it takes place in July and I am a teacher. I have never entered a cycle sportif but if I did this would be the one.


Col d’ Izoard

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Col D’ Izoard on a very hot day

Monday 28th July

I traveled to Bourg D’ Oisans. I think I have mastered the travelling alone and map reading problem. I stop at an Aire, look at the map and memorise the next couple of junctions and then drive. I t seems to work. I love new technology but Sat Nav has not excited me yet. I like to know where I am. I do not like to be told where to go next!

I have a number of things I am incapable of doing one of them is navigating in crowded places, towns and in this case camp sites.


Naturel Regional Volcans

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I had two attempts to reach this Col. I got lost the first time.

A stunning ride mostly through forest with the odd clearing for a village. I followed the signs for the Col du Beal 1390. I am ashamed to say that I was back at the car after 50km and realized that the signs or lack of them had led to my demise. I had not reached the Col.


A cycle ride with sister and wife

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purple moors.JPG

I think I am going to do a bit of cycling it could be expensive. There are a number of retail opportunities as Steve pointed out to me on the ride today. Unfortunately my accountant, Lynne, was in hearing and interjected when I asked Steve what type of cycling shoes he recommended, “the cheapest” she said. So far she has been quiet on the matter of disc brakes but personally I think it is a non starter, if I require a new frame, and I would, and the breaks cost two hundred pounds, you can see the problem. Now if we include a TFT monitor and a new digital camera you can see we are moving into serious financial problems, which are not helped by the expected increase in university tuition fees. This will include Lena’s last year at university, three or four years for Kate – that could be as much as ten thousand pounds extra that has just come out of our retirement fund. Smile it is only life.


Winster – Minninglow – Gratton Dale Circuit

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A power problem of our own!

Time to start getting out. Lynne and I went for a cycle ride, the Winster Circuit, out behind Bakewell. I was a little apprehensive as my birthday present of March 2002, a saddle bag for my bike, had not been used – ever. This is a case of severe lack of match practice and likely to casue a sore bottom. A major disappointment was to find the café at Elton closed. I have heard good things about this café, “the best in the Peak district “ has been mentioned. The problem was compounded when I realised that I had got up early, had a light breakfast, and it was now 11:30 am. I needed lunch. The problem was solved with a packet of cheese and onion crisps and a bar of chocolate from the local pub – an embarrassing start.

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