Chaplog tries hard In which an ageing climber comes to terms with life closer to the ground.


Yorkshire Sculpture Park again

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A few more photographs from theYorkshire Sculpture Park

k and Lynne.jpg

The sad thing is I do not remember the name of the person who produced the fish, tiger and the earlier picture of the bull. I do remember that they are granite and no electrical tools were used. The
foot is part of the molecule man and the ghostly/alien figures are by Elizabeth Frink.





head fink.jpg


A bad day at the office and I’m on holiday!

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I was awake at five and started “doing things” on computers. Everything was going great; I was getting my head around cascading style sheets and the pluses and minuses of HTML, XHTML, inline styles and server side. In fact I was feeling pretty intelligent, which is always leads to problems for me. It then started to go very wrong. Lack of sleep was a factor but cockiness is a perennial problem.

Now that I am using the computer a lot more, disabled etc etc, the girls are giving me grief. “I just want to send a text message” I need to look at these gorgeous things.


Large globules of time

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I have spent a lot of time thinking about weblogs in the last month. Why? I spent a week with 13-14 old students creating weblogs. I had to plan for the week. I then had a minor operation that gave me four or five days away from work and with strict instructions not to exercise. This gave me some time, a lot of it was spent installing and configuring a Movable Type system.

The week with students was more successful than I had expected even though we had a technical crisis three times in five days caused, in the main, by my lack of forward planning, nothing to do with the software. The test of success should be do the students want to continue with the activity? I am told that they do, many have signed up for the activity next year.

Once I understood the installation process and the power of the system the next step is the killer one. To communicate effectively, more than produce text posts with hyperlinks, I need to understand HTML, XHTML 1.0 Transitional, cascading style sheets and the rest. There is not a way around this if I want to produce posts with the style of word processed document.

I think it is worth the time! Will I still think so by the end of the summer holiday?


Yorkshire Sculpture Park

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Just down the road from us is the Yorkshire Sculpture Park They ban climbing on sculptures so it is not a place I would normally visit but being disabled, in the climbing sense, we made a visit.

Northern people are a talented lot Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and David Hockney could all be considered local. The countryside is pretty they filmed the League of Gentleman in our village and we passed Holmefirth on the way – “Last of the Summer Wine” countryside. I only moved to the area to be close to Gods own rock gritstone! The place is full of surprises. There was a lot of Barbara Hepworth’s work that I have decided I do not particularly like, Elizabeth Fink’s work that I did enjoy and the Molecular man I thought was stunning.

They have an interesting policy, which I like, free to enter and you have to walk even though the distances are large and they do not tell you where the individual pieces of work are. You have to go and find them, that I find refreshing in a world where people put cairns to help you walk around a lake.

They advertise it as 500 acres of historic landscape and international sculpture, looks a bit like Chatsworth Estate with sculptures every where. What surprised me was the lack of security. These sculptures are presumably valuable yet there appears to be no effort to keep the things there. Now I know security is an issue in the North of England. Only the other day someone drove up to our house in the middle of the night and put in the boot of their car, I am surmising here, an imitation stone trough with pansies in. Now I say a car drove up but you could hardly lift the thing. People take computers and projectors from schools why not valuable sculptures from parks?


One Blog or two?

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I went for free hosting Netfirms before committing myself to the cost of purchasing some web space. I was not sure whether I would be capable of installing and configuring Movable Type. I succeeded, but unlike some of the other Weblog writers, I do not feel capable of writing a mini guide on how to do an installation. It has taken awhile!

I was not a lot quicker on my second attempt but more confident I would succeed. The tricky bit for me was working out; no some of it was trial and error, the paths to various files. The problem being I can work out a path as long as I know where I am starting from and finishing. That is the problem; it is hard to write a guide to installing and configuring software in a variety of environments. You probably need to be working in these environments to do this easily. Yet so many people could use the software but not cope with the

I hope I do not have to do it again soon. How hard are the up-grades? The reason for doing it is to get the chance to use a very sophisticated piece of software that can be adapted in so many ways. One blog or two? Shall I have a photograph album? Should I use one for each course that I teach?


Paid a man to do this!

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Not for the squeamish but stuff happens.
Plastic surgery for you


close arm.jpg

If I was asked the question What do you think happened to him? I would suspect some type of accident. A mountain bike accident would be favourite as the elbow frequently gets damaged in falls off a bike and severe bruising can be expected I’ve done it, but not this time. A climbing accident would be my second choice, as I did a lot of that, note past tense. I am not sure if I am going to do much in the future. No, neither of these were the cause.

I had to beg, yes beg, a man to do it. An elbow and shoulder consultant – they specialise. I was offering to pay him lots of money but he was scared. Two days before going to have some shrapnel – bits of bone – removed from my elbow, two of my fingers had started to have continual pins and needles.

When I discussed this with the consultant his face dropped. One operation had become two, I needed ulnar nerve decompression as well. The problem for him was that he was 99% sure that was what was needed and it was no big deal to do both operations at the same time, but if it wasn’t necessary, something went wrong and I cared to sue him I would win. On the other hand he could not do the shrapnel removal and not the ulnar nerve decompression as I would then need a second operation. We had a long chat about how one could be sued so easily in education, medicine and if you ran climbing walls. I have never understood how you can forget to tie on to your rope properly, fall off, and have the audacity to sue the management of the climbing wall. Insurance premiums go up and things become more expensive!

One operation that was meant to start at 2:30 pm became two operations starting at 5:00pm. When I came out at 8:00pm I was told I had spoken to him and he had told me how the operation had gone. I remembered nothing. I was told to give him a ring; he was in the Sainsburys café having his tea.

I never did find out why I was so bruised but look at the URL below “Plastic surgery for you” Well who’d have thought”!


Julius Caesar kept a weblog!

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I have just found Julius Caesar’s weblog!

If you archive entries by month, Churchill’s weblog would make interesting reading
and so would an imaginary diary by Hitler, in weblog format. I wonder who had the
original idea of historical weblogs?


The scope for independent research at all age
ages is large as you can do searches for names and places or look at what was happening
at different dates. If weblogs were constructed that told history from different view
points then the student could be left to draw their own conclusions.
During the summer break I must look at this in more detail.

My first idea when playing with the idea, was a weblog that students could use
to review books. I am sure this would be a success for our Young Readers and
Writers club because it would immediately give them a wide audience and a chance
for other readers to add their own comments. Even if we kept this on our own
Intranet it still would be an interesting idea which I am sure has been done
in other schools, though I have not read about it.

Two views of Kate

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Decided to have them on a “if you do not like them you can take um back basis”.

A discovered walk

This photograph taken of Kate, stood on a post, is part of a walk starting from the house that we have embarrassingly only just discovered after we have lived here for eighteen years.

Kate posing in a hat and necklace that Lynne bought from a shop that only she would enter – when old people die and house contents are sold… This item is from the thirties. The top does not go with the hat, well, so I am told.


End of the year

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I have mixed feelings at the end of the school year, pleasure in the thought that I am going to get a break and remorse that I did not finish a lot of the things that I had expected to. There are always a few jobs that spill into the holidays.


New teeth part 2

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Decided to have them on a “if you do not like them you can take um back basis”. Please excuse the wild look but it is hard to take a photograph of yourself with one functional arm and a frozen jaw. Maybe I should have waited?

This means they are only stuck on with glue not cement. What I had not realised was that your teeth make a big difference to the way you speak. After I had said things like “Friendly fireman fight fires” to practice the “f”s and Sally sails serenely to practice the “s”s I was becoming unsure of the whole thing, hence the temporary option.

Another great day Teeth Part 1

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The agenda for today is new teeth.

At a certain age one becomes long in the tooth. My front teeth got ground down by holiding wire runners in them while climbing. That led to crowns and now the older man has to replace his crowns. Today is the day. Why do you have to replace them you might ask, well, it is all about being long in the tooth. No picture of this yet. A before and after shot might not be in good taste but could be a good advertisment for the dentist. I hope!


They were bigger than I thought

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I went to hospital to have these fragments removed from my elbow. The question I am now asking is “Why did I not have this done 18 odd years ago?” I could have avoided a locking elbow and the like.


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