Chaplog tries hard In which an ageing climber comes to terms with life closer to the ground.


Digley again

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green fields telegraph poles.jpg


Marsden Clough.jpg

sad old man.jpg

Any body seen a conical spring?


Cafe Marsden

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I have added the photographs of the Cafe Marsden and the Floutch Inn – Derwent – Snake trip to the Gallery.

New photos of agricultural workers that are better qualified than the teachers that accompany them. It’s not true is it?



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It was freezing and foggy, so relatively good conditions for cycling at this time of year. It could have been wet and windy and a number of other combinations that would have been worse than just being cold and unable to see anything.

Trig point.jpg


A New Year ride

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A new year ride has been an activity that Steve and Andy have enjoyed for fifteen odd years. The unspoken rule is that the activity should be a wee bit more excessive on the adventure front than normal. This year did not disappoint.

the crossing.jpg


Creating a Gallery

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I am adding the photographs taken last year of our best rides. I think the Derwent one was amongst the best. The Derwent photo album

Can anyone add the captions. I can give you editing rights!


Back to school

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That was Christmas and I am now back to school. IT wise I did quite a lot.

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