Chaplog tries hard In which an ageing climber comes to terms with life closer to the ground.


Cadair Idris

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A window of opportunity opened forSteve and we went further afield, to Wales, for a cycle ride . Looking at the map suggests it should have been a walk. The destination was Cadair Idris but the forecast was for a lot of wind and rain which is not a pleasant thought when you are going to be face to face with a depression at nearlly 3000 feet.

Tom on steps web.jpg

Tom descending Cadair Idris – a fine example of a man who understands the concept of a free lunch.

Taking photographs was tricky but here they are


We saw some birds

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We kept a record of what birds we saw in the Outer Hebrides. Have I missed any?


The Yorkshire Dales

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We wanted to see a Corncrake in the Outer Hebrides, we failed. We did better in the Yorkshire Dales.


A post Hebridean ride

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Foxgloves and Rhoderdendrons web.jpg

Where are we here then? I would tell you if I knew and I took the photograph!


Balile Tarbert

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I woke up in the night with the rain beating down on the Velux window. The rain subsided as we had breakfast but the wind got worse.

descent to Tabert.jpg

Coming out of the hills to Tabert and the ferry home


Callnish – Stornoway – Balille

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Woke up to rain for the first time. It was hitting the dining room window with some force. This was encouragement to have a leisurely breakfast. Two kippers and tomatoes and we were sat in the beautiful dining room. I could get to like this.

lady from Avimore.jpg

The lady from Avimore – 71 and she has a bivi bag with her in case she cannot find accommodation


Rhenigdale – Callinish

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Porridge for breakfast with golden syrup there are some advantages to doing a lot of exercise. We left by by 8:30 am.

the stones.jpg

Callinish stones

The photographs – I am still working on them


Tarbert – Rhenigdale

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Mrs McKenzie had been adamant that the West Side of Harris was much the better side. Our team was of the opinion, after noting her taste in furnishings (see photograph of bedroom), that we should stick with the East Side.

youth hostel.jpg

Rhenigdale Youth Hostel

The photographs – there are lots!

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