Chaplog tries hard In which an ageing climber comes to terms with life closer to the ground.


Our return to the car

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This was a wet day! This photograph is deceptive as far as the weather was concerned – notice the raincoats – but we found a great green road.

off road vale of Pickering web.jpg

Some pictures

Another day in North Yorkshire

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We had a busy day Fadmooor to Pickering. I wanted to keep to the edge of the moors. To do this we did a lilttle off road pushing/carrying and were rewarded with fabulous views. In fact we had the full experience of quiet roads, good weather, a little adventure and then we met a steam train!

steam train web.jpg

Levisham station Newton Dale

Some pictures


2nd day North Yorkshire Moors

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shaw ridege bransdale web.JPG

Shaw Ridge – Barnsdale in the North Yorkshire Moors notice the road on the far hill side

The first part of our ride was downhill into Helmsely. It was market day and very busy. We were still bloated with a full breakfast but took the opportunity to top up with even more coffee.

Some pictures


A North Yorkshire trip

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Too hilly, too humid and too hot, it was a delight to be out of school. We found quiet roads in a beautiful setting.

horse web.jpg

The White Horse on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors. Spot the wee bit of road around the rear end of the horse. Cycling up there was character building.

Some pictures


A Quaker Funeral

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I attended a Quaker funeral today of one of my pupils who tragically died in a swimming accident. Kate performed a piece of dance with her GCSE dance group. What suprised both of us was the power and relevence of a ceromany that celebrates the life of the person in words, song and dance. I was very suprised to be moved in a way that has never happened in a Church of England funeral for me.


The week after the puddle

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As the whiplash effects subsided I thought that might be the end of the problem. I will admit to even thinking the fall might have done some good. I was wrong.


The Wind farm above Penistone


Stuff happens

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It did not rain but I got soaked and scared and made the suggestion we call an ambulance. There were two positives to a horrible experience. I left my cycling shorts at home and borrowed some running tights from Judy. The second was that I did not take my camera so it did not get damaged. A consequence of the experience is that my neck really hurts.


Family Party 04

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The summer family party was in Lincoln this year. We arrived late on Saturday night.

isabel web1.jpg

Isabel – I have Uncle status – showing tree climbing ability at an early age.
the pictures are slightly disappointing becasue of the light. As the elders are suggesting this could be the last time we meet in this way I have attempted to show us how we were. I am afraid I missed a couple of people – my mother for a start!

If you have looked at these photographs please add a comment. That includes you Paul Chapman!
The pictures

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