Chaplog tries hard In which an ageing climber comes to terms with life closer to the ground.


A visit to High and Low Bradfield

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I made an error of judgement map reading the last time we were here that resulted in a very long ride that involved many hills.

Postcard cafe web.jpg

The Cafe in Lower Bradfield that Lynne and Judy suggested sold goods that would normally only be found in an international luxury lifestyle store!


Monsal Head

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An optimistic attitude was essential. The rain pelted down as drove into the Peak. We were confident as the web site that usually predicts the worst possible weather conditions was telling us it could be sunny in the afternoon.

As we started the ride from Monsal Head the rain had just about stopped.

Tideswell church web.jpg

Tideswell Church


Art in the Derwent valley

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It was good to be out in the wind, sun and rain after the first week back to school.

bench web.jpg

A bench found in a shelter for walkers in Grindle Clough


The End of the Summer Holiday

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It is the end of the summer. I am aprehensive about returning to work, I usually am, as I have filled my life with other things. All of which are easier than work! Today Judy and I went for a cycle ride.

Derbyshire Low web.jpg

View from Derbyshire Low Road. I judge the seasons from this view.Previous photographs


Earl Sterndale – Hartington – Parsley Hay – Chelmorton

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Lynne and I had a day out, two in fact as the girls were in London with Sarah. we went to see a film on Friday- Motorcycle diaries – that I really enjoyed. It was in Spanish with sub titles.

shapes in field near Erl Sterndale web.jpg

A view from near Earl Sterndale close to Buxton

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