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Christmas can be a moveable feast

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The girls at Christmas

An early Christmas photograph 2004

The first council of Nicaea in 325 decided that Easter Day is the first Sunday after the full moon that occurs next after the vernal equinox. My take on that means that I can have Christmas when ever I want.

We had our Christmas meal at my parent’s house on Saturday in Lincoln and very nice it was to. My parents also told me some useful information. If I try to go to America at Christmas with passports that expire in five months, as do Lynne’s and my own, we will not get into the country. We listened carefully and will act!

Judy and I went for a ride before I travelled to Lincoln. We did the same ride as I had done the week before and that led to me getting very cold and then having to stay in bed for a few days last week. It was considerably warmer today as you can see by the lack of snow on the hills compared to last week.

View from Arnfield moor


How to get the flu

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Longendale in the snow

I had a tickle in my throat all week. I thought I was getting a cold. The snow came down on Thursday and Friday. We went for a cycle ride on Saturday.


The Sunny day

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Saturday was predicted to be sunny and it was. Kate went to a taster day at Loretto Sixth Form College. Lynne and I drove into the Peak for a ride. We cycled all day with the bluest of blue skys. Lunch in Chelmorton and arrived back at the car as the sun went down.

Chelmorton web.jpg

the walls suggest Strip farming

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