Chaplog tries hard In which an ageing climber comes to terms with life closer to the ground.


A grey January day

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A high-pressure system with a lot of cloud greeted us this morning. Lynne felt bad and I wanted us to go out. We prevaricated, so neither of us knew what the other wanted to do.

Padfield sunset

sunset over Mottram


Nice View or Slag Heap?

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Sunday was sunny, frosty and still. Lynne suggested a walk.

Crowden – a nice winter view, a slag heap or both?


Comment Spam

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Who would have thought that the word “Spam” would have any other meaning than a type of luncheon meat that catering staff in certain institutions would decide that battering and frying would turn it into something edible?

Trans Penine Trail – Dunford Bridge

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The Hunt

Our quiet road suddenly became full of cars following the hunt

It has been a difficult week. The Christmas holiday is only a memory for students and the rain and cold is etched into everybody. The Florida effect is still a benefit but the reality is long periods of darkness and the exercise bike in the cellar.


I lost the plot in a cinema

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Not the Everglades but Torside reservoir with the tide out – Silver birch and Alders can have a similar root shape to Mangroves!

Lynne and I went for a pleasant but muddy ride when the rain had stopped. Later we decided to go to an Ashton cinema to see “Million dollar baby” an afternoon showing. Half way through the performance I stood up and started shouting at some of the other people who were attending the performance.


Back to school

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Being cool on a beach is harder than you think

I have a new iPod but maybe it is a pair of prescription sunglasses that I need? Kate and I survived getting home on Wed evening and going into school on Thursday and Friday but have had a quiet weekend. I have processed the photographs and placed them here.


Back to the Everglades

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We wanted another trip into the Everglades. A fifty-mile drive got us as far as the Big Cyprus Visitors centre.

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