Chaplog tries hard In which an ageing climber comes to terms with life closer to the ground.


Carradale – Cambletown – Rhu 61 miles

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5:30 am woken by the sun. Some might say I should have closed the curtains. When on holiday if the sun shines in I get up. (more…)


West coast of Arran and East coast of Kintyre 55 miles

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Leaving Arran

I woke up to sunshine at about 5:30 am. That is a long time to wait for breakfast at 8:30 am. I repeated the mountain pass of yesterday but this time in sunshine and without other cyclists.


Arran – around the south coast 36 miles

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South Arran – the pudding as I called it is Ailsa Craig

I had breakfast with the owner of the B and B a teacher and a minister. He had the full Scottish breakfast I was under the misguided impression that it was only tourists that ate fried eggs, haggis, sausages, bacon and tomatoes after cereal and followed by toast.



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Troon on a Saturday afternoon in May you can just see the sand being blown off the beach

I left before 8:00 am to avoid the traffic and was in Troon by lunchtime. I was a bit of a mess really being overanxious about life the universe and everything but in particular worries about health, work and the effect this was having on everyone around me. (more…)


A tour of the Roaches

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I was in a post GCSE coursework trauma. It was cool windy and sunny, in fact everything was crystal clear. A Suggestion was made to stay in the valley to avoid the wind. I ignored the suggestion and we toured the roaches. We Started from Flash the highest village in England, well the sign says so. It was cold and very windy.

Spring in Staffordshire


Biting off more than one can chew

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These boxes have caused a lot of pain, well to be more precise the students getting to me the contents of these boxes have caused me the pain. The job is nearly finished and I hope to have my life back in a few days time. Just when the hayfever kicks in!


Bank holiday madness

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Looking towards Bamford from Highlow Hall

Lynne and Judy were in London. Ann and I left early to avoid the traffic and the rain to go for a ride. As we drove to Bamford over the Snake pass we were dismayed to pass a policewoman sat by the side of the road blood pouring from her head and other policeman standing around. A mile or so later we passed a car in the middle of the road that was upside down and bent in a number of places. An ambulance was stationary beside it. Anne’s face told me that it was not a pleasant site. (more…)

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