Chaplog tries hard In which an ageing climber comes to terms with life closer to the ground.


Capileira off road

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We descended into the valley and carried the bikes up the other side

David was guiding me and the weather looked good. We went to do the Poquiero traverse which was basically 20K up hill but a different way traversing the left side of the valley and rejoining the road at Capileira. We passed a Buddhist retreat with prayer flags that gave the day a Himalayan feel.


Hairpin bends

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The weather was less windy so we decided to ride up the road, 6Km of hairpins and then on to some single track.

The photographs for the week can be found here


Facing the winds

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The long singletrack descent started here

Frost on car and the weather had a look to it that I can best describe as Scottish. The snow was lower down and the air crystal clear. I asked David about the weather he was unsure. We went up a gorge and we could tell from the start it was going to be windy. (more…)


Avoiding the winds

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Guajar Faguit

We went lower down the valley to avoid the worst of the weather starting from Guajar Faguit a lovely village with some very steep streets. David started with a beer Duncan and I preferred coffee. (more…)


Andalucia – Spain

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I flew Ryanair to Granada with no problems, meeting David Issacs my guide at the airport. It was raining. I held my cycling magazine over my head as I walked from the plane in the pouring rain. It is a small airport only three luggage collection areas so meeting someone at the airport cafe was not a problem.

Traffic jam in Andalucia Spain




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The life of a lumberjack appears to have changed in recent years

Our flat ride around the Ladybower and Derwent in cool weather was drug assisted. Lynne is taking quinine to relax her leg muscles and stop cramp at night. It appears to have the effect of making her cycle considerably faster. I am not complaining.

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Slurry and other nasty whiffs.

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The air had a strong smell of pig slurry and other nasty whiffs.

Slurry and the covering of dust from the cement factory catch the flavour of the weekend

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