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Struggling to get out

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The wettest May since the early eighties combined with a workload that is different but just as tough has led to no entries for a few weeks.

Yellow Archangel


A number of river crossings

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One of a number of pleasant river crossings

7 hours and 4 mins riding not counting stops of which there were many
112 Kilometres
25 Km off road

All the photographs from the holiday can be found here

Sometimes it appears that you are doomed and then by a number of semi-miraculous events or possibly just good fortune all is saved. Today was a bit like that.



A loss of pride

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Sunrise at Costa Rei as I start marking my e-portfolios

On Easter Monday there was a lot of traffic on the roads so it was lucky that when I decided to leave my cycle and embrace the road there were no cars coming. Only bruising, a few cuts and lost pride.


N125 between Lotzorai and Dorgali

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Lynne in the tunnel on the Dorgali road

I like to get a long ride in and today was the day. I decided to ride to Dorgali and back, 120K of serious accent with mountain passes and the remote aspect which intrigued me. I thought about this ride 4 years ago when I climbed at Cala Gonome it is said to be the wildest bit of road in Sardinia and the most beautiful. I came prepared this year with two mobile phones one for Lynne as well as one for me so I could bail out if necessary. Last year doing this type of ride worried me as an accident would be tricky to say the least. I had an 8:00 am start with 8K of serious up-hill and another 10 Km of gentle up hill.

It was a fantastic ride in perfect weather. The major problem was meeting two Italiain cycists and raising my pace for about ten miles before they stopped for coffee. I paid for it for the next day with a stiff knee. It was so good though Lynne and I did the most exiting part together the next day. The photographs are from both days.

Time 6:20 in the saddle
Distance 121 Km
Average speed 19 Km

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