Chaplog tries hard In which an ageing climber comes to terms with life closer to the ground.


Dunford Bridge

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Link to the artist and his photographs I was about to take a photograph similar to this when the camera informed me that the batteries were providing no power and it promtly turned itself off

Why it did not tell me that there was little remaining power this morning is confusing. We cycled past this image close to Penistone on the Trans Pennine trail.


Manifold Valley

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The forecast was rain in both sides of the Pennines but sun in the south we headed for the Manifold valley which meant lunch at Illam and a leisurely ride.

barn and tree web.jpg

An old barn in the afternoon sunlight close to Wetton


Back in the Peak

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green treeweb.jpg

A lot of rain and wind but not cold, perfect conditions for the green stuff



Another attack by a dog

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Lumpy country

75 Km 4 hours 17 min

The photographs


The invisible road – Alte – Monchique – Foia

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88Km 6 hours !


communications towers at the top of Faio 900 meters

The photographs

I started the day cycling through beautiful cork oak forest that looked close to the natural state of things – wilderness – but I suspect the land is managed in ways that are not obvious. I arrived in a small village Soalheira. There was two choices as far as roads were concerned. A tarmacked road that was guarded by two unchained dogs that looked very aggresive and an alternative a steep track without tarmac that headed into the hills.



A giant pomegranate making facility

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Faro – Alte


I sat and waited on the balcony for the best shot

Starting cycling at 8:30am on the first day of January meant there was little or no traffic, which was lucky really because even after some reconnaissance I ended up on a motorway type road leading to the airport. It was round the roundabout and try again.

The photographs

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