Chaplog tries hard In which an ageing climber comes to terms with life closer to the ground.


Padfield Snow on Easter Sunday

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some photographs


Grindon and Butterton

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Lynne and I feel ready for the knackers yard. Lynne has a hurt knee and I have a suspect hip. This meant that we drove a long way and cycled a small distance -less than twenty miles. We visited two villages we have not been to before Grindon and Butterton. Grindon has a pretty Church and Butterton has a ford with a difference. I thought a ford went across a road but in Butterton it goes down the road and it appears to have been designed that way.

ford small.jpg

Ford in Butterton

knackers yard11.jpg

Knackers yard

We stopped frequently and took photographs.


Felling Birch Trees

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Rod with small birch.jpg

Rod felling a birch tree on Wimbledon common a few weeks ago

I was introduced to felling birch trees using just your hands by Rod when we visited Al and Annie a few weeks ago. Today Lynne and I (more…)

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