Chaplog tries hard In which an ageing climber comes to terms with life closer to the ground.


La Marmotte – well some of it.

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Col du Glandon, Col De Croix de Fer, Col du telegraphe and the Col du Galibier a long day

There is a cycle sportif that is held every year in the Alps that is supposed to be the hardest of them all and has more climbing than any other. It is called La Marmotte. I cannot enter it as it takes place in July and I am a teacher. I have never entered a cycle sportif but if I did this would be the one.


Col d’ Izoard

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Col D’ Izoard on a very hot day

Monday 28th July

I traveled to Bourg Dā€™ Oisans. I think I have mastered the travelling alone and map reading problem. I stop at an Aire, look at the map and memorise the next couple of junctions and then drive. I t seems to work. I love new technology but Sat Nav has not excited me yet. I like to know where I am. I do not like to be told where to go next!

I have a number of things I am incapable of doing one of them is navigating in crowded places, towns and in this case camp sites.


Naturel Regional Volcans

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I had two attempts to reach this Col. I got lost the first time.

A stunning ride mostly through forest with the odd clearing for a village. I followed the signs for the Col du Beal 1390. I am ashamed to say that I was back at the car after 50km and realized that the signs or lack of them had led to my demise. I had not reached the Col.


The start to a summer on a bike

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The camp site at Billom a village near Clermont Ferrand in the Massif Central

Wed 23rd of July

A drive down to Portsmouth that was surprisingly uneventful. I use the Traffic Alert that tunes you into radio stations that are giving traffic news, they usually carry on for a short period before cutting back to the station you were tuned to. I now have a candidate for the worst radio station ever – Radio Sheffield. They were having an afternoon of giving all news items in an operatic style ā€“ abysmal. They also have a surprisngly wide coverage which meant I heard a lot of it.



Yorkshire Sculpture Park – Sophie Ryder

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We have not been to the Yorkshire Sculpture park for a few months. There are a number of new exhibitions, we looked at Sophie Ryder’s work. It is big, made of wire over a steel frame, anthropomorphic and is a mixture of phyisical features of minetors, herself and hares. I forget to mention if that is the case then she has an attractive bottom. There is also a Japanese artist who makes attractive lanterns amongst other things that we did not have time to look at but we will return later in the year.



Climbing, Abseiling and Scrambling

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The Roaches in July and at mid day!

These activities would have been more fun with decent weather. The sun did eventually come out but that was after we got very very wet.

The Photographs



Walking, Cycling and tug of War

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The aim of the week on trips with children is to ensure that at the end of the day they are tired and will get a good night’s sleep – not wake the teachers up before 7:00am. To ensure this we make the programme include as much exercise as possible. We organise evening activities, the tug-of-war is popular.

Trinity Y8 Students celebrating a tug-of-war-win

The Photographs


A week in the Peak at Ilam Hall

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I had a wet week with 200 students and 40 staff. It rained everyday but we all enjoyed ourselves. The first day was water sports at Rudyard Lake. A pretty place where it did not matter that it rained for a part of the day. The students were reluctant to get wet at the start of the day but by the end of the day they were doing their best to get the full experience.

The photographs are here


Kedleston Hall

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25 miles of cycling around Ashbourne with a cafe stop at Kedleston Hall. We have done this ride once before Look here. I wrote then of shutting doors as far as exercise was concerned and getting older. They are still closing and it is the first time for a while that Lynne, Judy and I have been for a ride. A problem of knees, time and holidays.

Sunday was a little more Strenuous.


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