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A Magnificent Animal

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On a weekend when I had an airline ticket to Spain Lynne and I cycled around Derwent Reservoir. I did not go to Spain as I was injured and Mountain biking would have made things worse. We got a bit of sun and we did meet this docile animal, well he looked docile.



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Korcula stone houses and fig trees with Judy in the top right corner

Stone buildings with fig trees, notice Judy in the top right corner

The cycling was good on the island once you got away from the town Korcula. Korcula’s “thing” was steps but Lynne noticed nuns with sunglasses. I noticed a lot of trees and I loved the sun on the water. I did not like the sore knee I developed from previous repetive strain activites – self inflicted injury I suspect caused by a go-for-it attitude in the Alps in the summer. The photographs


Cycling in Peljesac Croatia

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Cycling in the right place

We stayed on Peljesac but crossed over to Korcula on a 15 min ferry on 3 days. These are the photographs from the Peljesac peninsula.

These are the photographs of the house and surrounds


Owl Cottage – Orebic, Peljesac, Croatia

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Owl Cottage

The name was apt as Dave – the owl – spent part of the night above our double bed ripping its prey to bits on the tiles above us, or that was what it sounded like. We watched pine martins playing in the yard and the view from the bedroom window was pretty good. I took the photographs on the next page by resting the camera on the window sill during the week.

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