Chaplog tries hard In which an ageing climber comes to terms with life closer to the ground.


Fashion is difficult to keep up with

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Lynne getting dressed to go diving in 7 degrees centrigrade water

We had a couple of difficult days. Skills that might be easy in warm water with a thin wetsuit become very difficult in this temperature in a dry suit.



New Skills

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After a Monday at work I did not expect to be learning the new skill of extricating yourself from this situation

To find out why and how



Dale Dike Reservoir near Strines

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Sheep get their horns pierced?

We walked around Dale Dike Reservoir starting from the path just past the Strines Inn. We passed a few fields that had different breeds of sheep.


Keeping a low profile

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Reflections of trees in our local reservoir

I had hoped to be taking photographs of birds with my new lens. I failed to do this as the light was bad and the birds did not come close to me. We saw the lapwings, Curlews a nuthatch and we heard a woodpecker as we went on two walks this weekend. The aim being not to walk too far – knee problems. We also heard some fantastic bird song. I also got very cold.

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