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A Quest for the holy……..

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Click to enlarge photos. The guide book describes the two routes in the following way. The Y (the cleft to the left is often green) and Z (the slightly less-green crack is overhung at it its base).

I suspect most people avoid these routes as they tend to look horrible and there are classics close by. I am pleased to stay that Rick had no such qualms and sent me up the Y crack and led the Z crack himself. I am annoyed to find that my guide book suggests that the Y crack is graded at HS 4b. It felt a lot harder to me than that and a lot better than it looks.



Dovestone Tor

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The guidebook suggested it was a 50 minuite approach. Reality showed us that it took us the best part of an hour and a half. The guidebook also suggested that as it is west facing it receives all the weather that is going and to visit on a sunny summer afternoon. I suppose I should not therefore be surprised that it was damp when we got there. It was a nice walk!


Lots, Haley, Pete and Lynne on the way to Dovestones Edge



A force ten gale in Northumberland

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The Beach close to Bamburgh Castle the wind was gusting at 60 mph



A climbing weekend

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Gardoms Unconquerable photo Haley

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