Chaplog tries hard In which an ageing climber comes to terms with life closer to the ground.


Kate jumps out of a plane

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Kate has perfect weather to jump out of a plane
I suspect that the plane went a little bit higher before she jumped but … Looking closer at the photograph that shows a man with a camera strapped to his head it probably means that there are some photos unless he just likes interesting hats. In fact there is another photograph click on more to see slightly better evidence but it is still pretty close to the ground. Maybe the person with the camera on their head never left the ground?



Bamford rather than Stanage due to important hair colouring appointment

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The top of Shadow Wall – Bamford Gun buttress – photo Mike Smigova

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We left to go climbing later than expected as Ms Smidj was having her hair coloured! This turned into a positive as we rejected Stanage – the car park was full – and we went to Bamford which was relatively quiet and dry. We did Shadow Wall VS 4c, Bamford Buttress/Bamford Wall HS 4a – a combination of both, Reach VS 4c, Wrinkled Wall VS 4c and Old and Wrinkled HVS 5a. A good day out.



No wind or swell is perfect for diving

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Some photographswave small Marsalforn – Gozo – on a day when diving for some reason was cancelled

We missed the ferry to Gozo as the flight was delayed for two hours. What we did not know was that it had been cancelled due to high winds and swell. At 4:00am a ferry did arrive, it appeared to be rocking and rolling as it bobbed into the little harbour. As we left it did a fair ground manoeuvre that left my stomach behind, all the chairs slid to one side of the boat and the cafeteria exploded. Well all the cakes, plates, knives and forks jumped out of the correct places and headed for the floor.

Photographs – they are mainly of waves but interesting waves!


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