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I met a goose

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My knee was hurting so I could not do what I wanted to do. I would have liked to have gone climbing but Pete was painting his and Haley’s bathroom and Lynne has had thirty years experience of saying NO if I suggest she should hold my ropes in a Stoney Middleton quarry. She says NO in the summer and when it is freezing…. The weather was perfect, a beautiful deep blue sky and no wind. I went for a slow walk, hoping to take some pictures of birds. We had seen in the garden groups of long tailed tits this morning so I was hopeful. I stood around for an hour or so and saw a robin. The photo above was taken as I passed through a farm yard.


Most of the snow has gone but……

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We own a car and we used it to go into the Peak District for a walk above the Derwent reservoir. We were surprised by the amount of snow left and evidence of a mini avalanche. We had two ibuprofen tablets for dessert and we are nursing our knees.

I took some photographs.


Winter snow 2009/2010

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I have put a few photographs together that I have taken over the snowy period that appears to be coming to an end now. I hope it is also the end of a bad period that has resulted in stolen credit cards, a stolen car, and ice dropped on to us from a motorway bridge that landed on our windscreen.

See the photographs



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Lynne and I planned a method of getting to the East Midlands airport last night in light of the coming inclement weather. Lynne carried out the plan by leaving the house at about 5:00am. My part of the plan was to go to work on the train at the normal time. The plan went wrong when I was told by text, as the train pulled into Manchester, that the school was closed. I should not have been involved in the plan at all apart from staying in bed! Young teachers with a day off built snowmen older ones went for a walk.

click on images to see them larger in the post. Click on the image again to see it full size.


Getting out of Padfield

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We got out of Padfield today, we failed yesterday, and went to the climbing wall and met George and Paul Fleuriot who I have not seen for a number of years. We also went for a walk just before sunset to take some photographs

Towards Padfield Cemetery and Peaknaze moor click on image for a larger version


Christmas 2009

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We travelled down to Shropshire to join the family. We stayed in three separate holiday houses on a farm near Much Wenlock.

We had cold weather and there was snow on the ground throughout the week. Click on the image above to see a larger version.

I took too many photographs!

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