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Tintwistle Knarr

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Looking back on the walk up to Tintwistle Knarr

I Did not feel energetic today so Lynne and I walked up to Tintwistle Knarr to look at the heather in flower and then straight back down again. We stopped to look at butterflies and to admire the view.


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I went for another walk, it is becoming a habit like smoking, I will give it up after this seven week holiday. I took a photo. You can tell I need to get back to work I am getting illusions of being creative. It is another flower an umbellifer. It will be a retirement project to identify some of them.


Tasteful graffiti

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Lynne and I went for a walk on the moors yesterday evening and on our way down we found a small, sheltered, grass covered quarry that is used by young people. We rather liked this bit of graffiti. In fact we liked it enough to pick up a couple of beer cans they had left to leave it looking nice.


A visit to Waddington

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A rare event Kate, Lena, Lynne and Mike in the same place at the same time. We visited my parents in Waddington- family photograph. We also made a visit to Bradford and Saltaire. There were retail opportunities!


A second attempt at diving in Lanzarote

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Our last diving trip to Lanzarote was blown out by high winds. This one was a lot more successful I dived everyday and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We used a RIB so it was no walking, just roll over the side of the boat. The Lava tubes were great to dive in and between and we were surprised by the number of fish. I had promised that I would not take photographs in my first year of diving so I would concentrate on diving skills. A camera did make diving a lot more difficult but I loved doing it. I spent considerable time on photoshop afterwards getting the colours right. And video is another set of skills again which I have not started to learn.

My first underwater photographs

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