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Canadian Canoeing on the Orchy and Tay Scotland

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We go camping in Scotland in late October therefore we were only slightly surprised to find that the temperature was -8 when we woke up in the morning before we started our Canadian canoe trip. The river Orchy’s water was low when we started but that was soon to be sorted by two days of severe rain.

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We went to try our transport for our holiday in Scotland over half term. We went to an outdoor pursuits centre near Castleton. The weather was perfect blue sky and no wind. The weather, of course, will be the same on Loch Awe over half term. We are wild camping which is somewhat strange as I have a distinct memory of Lynne telling me a few years ago that “camping was not something she does any more”. She has obviously changed her mind or not understand the repercussions of her decision to take the Scotland choice instead of Sardinia for our holiday


A Family walk to Cock Hill

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Kate and Stuart were visiting Manchester for a medical conference they were both doing a presentation. We all went out for a meal in Manchester, La Tasca, and on a sunny Sunday went for a walk. The medics were very interested in the dead animals others were not so enthusiastic. I took some pictures and put them on Facebook. I was seriously chastised for putting images of a fashion icon wearing silly hats on Facebook where her peers would be critical. Now who do you think that was?

The pictures


A collage of Christmas 2009

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Lynne suggested I make a collage of the photographs I had taken over Christmas and then get it printed to put up on the wall. If I had known how long it was going to take before I started, I wouldn’t have. As I did click on the image below.

Lynne, Sarah, Isabel
Barbara, Claudia, Peter
Mike, Mark, Judy
Kate, Lena, Tom


Sotherbys at Chatsworth

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We visited Chatsworth House to look at the Sotherbys sculpture in the gardens. Some years it is good and sometimes it is not so good. This year we enjoyed it.

The photographs

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