Chaplog tries hard In which an ageing climber comes to terms with life closer to the ground.


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Frosty weather in Padfield

Lynne and I went for a walk up to Cock Hill and then down to meet the Pennine way and Toreside Clough. We then followed a footpath that people do not use as the Longendale trail takes that traffic. We wished we owned a couple of walking poles as we both have suspect knees and icy weather is the worst thing possible.


Post OFSTED relaxation

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OFSTED have been and gone. Our school was judged as good with many outstanding features and nothing was criticised that involved my role. There was at the last inspection but I have sorted these out. It was a fortuitous coincidence that we had a day off on Friday the day after they left. Lynne and I went for a gentle cycle ride along the Peak trail. We avoided the fog by staying high up. The original plan had been the Manifold valley but it was full of mist/fog.

Hawthorn full of berries – why haven’t they been eaten by the birds?


An Autunn Walk Longendale

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The colours looked good today

I was in no fit state for being with other people so I went for a walk on my own. The weather was perfect and the Autumn colours were spectacular. I walked around Rhodeswood and Torside reservoir trying to find the footpath that people do not use because of the Longendale trail. It was not in a good state a lot of mud and broken signs.

I took some photographs

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