Chaplog tries hard In which an ageing climber comes to terms with life closer to the ground.


End of the school year – reflections

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Reflections in the reservoir on our walk at the end of my school year

The term finished – time to do some thinking


Family Party Radnage

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Family Party – those who stayed over night and went for a walk on Sunday morning

Travelled down with Lena and Tom. Kate came with Sarah and family. Sleeping arrangements were debated and negotiated. I slept in a tent. Lena and Tom did the same.


Woke up this morning – a rare thing happened

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Evening Primrose at Formby

It is a very rare event when you wake up in Padfield and the first thoughts that you have when you look out of the window are – GO TO THE BEACH. That is what happened this morning and there was a mad rush to get there before the rest of this over populated isle and to return before one became gridlocked. We went to Formby a place I took students to over 30 years ago. I still remembered the natter jack toads in the slacks. The beach was heaving but we were more interested in the dunes.


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