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Lake Waikaremiana

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Lynne arrived in New Zealand hardly being to be able to walk. Our first walks were for twenty minutes along a beach. Our final trip was a New Zealand Great Walk – Day one a 6 hour walk. Day two an 8.25 hours and Day 3 5 hours. We stayed in huts and carried our own food and cooking equipment.


Tongariro National Park

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Tongariro Ngauruhoe and Tongariro summits-4003

We had wanted to visit this volcanic region earlier in the year but were unlucky with the weather. This time the weather was clear and cool, the first winter snows were forecast in a few days. Probably the most famous walk in New Zealand is the Tongariro crossing. Recent activity had closed the full crossing so it was a there and back option. I added the summits of Mount Ngauruhoe and Mount Tongariro. I left a bit of skin from four fingers coming down Mount Tongariro. We added the summit of Mount Ruapehu. This was a surprise because the summit area was closed but when we got close we saw a ranger removing the notices not to go any further.


Whanganui Journey

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The Whangaui river

The Whanganui Journey is one of the Great Walks of New Zealand. It is actually a 148KM Canoe trip. Day 1 Cherry Grove to Poukaria 36Km, Day 2 Poukaria to Ohauora 48Km, Day 3 Poukaria to Ohauora Tieke 40Km and Tieke to Pipiriki 21.5. We had two days where we saw no one. We helped a pair who had had an accident and we capsized ourself on the last day. A magic trip that was exhilarating and exhausting. Each camp site had its own resident rat(s) and one evening we watched a Possum scare a rat away from some food.

The Photographs


Oamuru Kaikora

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Whale Watching Kaikoura-3650

Sperm whale Kaikora

The East coast of South Island was not so interesting after Otago Peninsula. We drove up to Oamaru had a good look round a once affluent Victorian town with a harbour. We set off North and we were just starting to think about where we were going to stay and then we received a text from Carol and we decided to stay in Christchurch again. After we left Christchurch we headed up to Kaikora. We wanted to see the sperm whales and large quantities of dolphins. We did.


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