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End of the year

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I have mixed feelings at the end of the school year, pleasure in the thought that I am going to get a break and remorse that I did not finish a lot of the things that I had expected to. There are always a few jobs that spill into the holidays.

This year is different because I have not been in school for the last week as I was trying to get the elbow fixed. I have spent the week learning about Movable Type and weblogs. I want to use them with children but there is always this nag, when using the internet in school that the safety issues will get in the way of the obvious excitement that the technology will bring. Technology that makes students want to write and to be read has to be good, doesn’t it? I spend day after day observing children in classrooms doing everything possible to avoid writing their thoughts down. Most do not mind copying, tedious though it is, but when it comes to recording feelings and opinions the older they get the more reluctant they become.

Technology does help but it also helps them to copy!

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