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Fashion is difficult to keep up with

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Lynne getting dressed to go diving in 7 degrees centrigrade water

We had a couple of difficult days. Skills that might be easy in warm water with a thin wetsuit become very difficult in this temperature in a dry suit.

I should have known the swimming pool exercises were difficult. The open water dives were challenging to the extreme. We left Glossop with the temperature at -3 Centigrade by 11:00 am we were in the water and struggling. I got in the water and felt like an astronaut who has started spinning and cannot stop. After ten minutes I was told to move my air bottle, it worked immediately.

I believe pink is this year’s colour in the diving world

I tried the emergency ascent form 6 metres blow out air and ascend without breathing. I got it right but when I reached the surface. I used air in my bottle to pump up my jacket – BCD – wrong you have run out of air! She made me do it five times before I got it right. Lynne was finding things worse. Taking your mask off at 6 metres in 7 degree water is challenging. Hovering in strange equipment is challenging, taking all this equipment off in the water and putting it on again is challenging to the extreme with neoprene gloves with hands that you cannot feel.

We were not alone at the diving centre

Am I giving the impression it was difficult? It was! I was failed for my hovering – staying stationary, getting my buoyancy neutral. I appealed and won as the chief instructor had given me the thumbs up. Could I repeat it for his wife no. I was close to a return visit. The tour of the aeroplane was great the trout were friendly and the perch looked cool.

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