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Forgetting the essentials

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Lynne decided to have a day off diving and I teamed up with Richard a young man from Wales, a potential medical student. Lynne took some good photographs.

Mike and Richard starting the dive, I forgot my wetsuit on the next dive!

Holiday photographs – same link as previous post

I saw an eel while walking on the beach it looked like a snake. Our first dive was at the Islands site and we travelled in a pickup. It was in complete contrast to my visit earlier in the week as it was now a flat calm. The struggle to get to the wall of the reef was now a stroll and I got a dive of 46 rather than 36 mins as I was not fighting the swell. We did a longer circuit seeing the coral that had fallen over in the 1992 Earthquake. The frequent changes in depth were now not a problem as I was coping with the changes that were needed to be made in buoyancy. I got a lot of opportunities to eyeball fish. Big Eyes was my best find.

After the dive

After lunch we did a second dive at Rick’s Reef. As I was packing up I got distracted by someone asking questions. When we arrived at the dive site I was embarrassed to say that I had forgotten my wetsuit.

A similar thing happened to me many years ago when climbing at Stoney Middeton. I was going through my pre-flight checks and a friend I had not seen for a long time arrived and we chatted. When he left I just started climbing. So it was a surprised Michael that fell down Scoop Wall and did not stop as he had only tied on to one of the two 9 mm ropes. Thankfully I had placed a runner above the ledge that was clipped into the rope I had tied into and therefore did not hit the deck.

There was a spares box for those things that people frequently forget or get broken. A complete two piece wet suit is not one of them. Richard my buddy did the honourable thing and shared his two piece suit with me, he had the salopette and I had the shortie. I promised not to pee in it. I have not told him but I did! We were not cold so it did not cause a major problem just embarrassment. The entrance was interesting we had to walk in about a foot of water and then launch our selves into the lagoon between the coral islands. The exit was down a tunnel that at times was closed for a few feet. It was very good. We saw an enormous Napoleon and lots of beautiful fish – see list.

While were having lunch we saw a pod of five dolphins cruise past the dive centre they were fun to watch.

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