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Large globules of time

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I have spent a lot of time thinking about weblogs in the last month. Why? I spent a week with 13-14 old students creating weblogs. I had to plan for the week. I then had a minor operation that gave me four or five days away from work and with strict instructions not to exercise. This gave me some time, a lot of it was spent installing and configuring a Movable Type system.

The week with students was more successful than I had expected even though we had a technical crisis three times in five days caused, in the main, by my lack of forward planning, nothing to do with the software. The test of success should be do the students want to continue with the activity? I am told that they do, many have signed up for the activity next year.

Once I understood the installation process and the power of the system the next step is the killer one. To communicate effectively, more than produce text posts with hyperlinks, I need to understand HTML, XHTML 1.0 Transitional, cascading style sheets and the rest. There is not a way around this if I want to produce posts with the style of word processed document.

I think it is worth the time! Will I still think so by the end of the summer holiday?

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  1. ant says:

    I like the site Mike – it must be good to see a collection of entries painting a picture of you. I like the variety of content and your use of links. You win the links prize, I owe you £5.

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