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A cycle ride with sister and wife

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I think I am going to do a bit of cycling it could be expensive. There are a number of retail opportunities as Steve pointed out to me on the ride today. Unfortunately my accountant, Lynne, was in hearing and interjected when I asked Steve what type of cycling shoes he recommended, “the cheapest” she said. So far she has been quiet on the matter of disc brakes but personally I think it is a non starter, if I require a new frame, and I would, and the breaks cost two hundred pounds, you can see the problem. Now if we include a TFT monitor and a new digital camera you can see we are moving into serious financial problems, which are not helped by the expected increase in university tuition fees. This will include Lena’s last year at university, three or four years for Kate – that could be as much as ten thousand pounds extra that has just come out of our retirement fund. Smile it is only life.

You would think that a husband who announces that he would like to go for a cycle ride with his sister and wife on a Sunday afternoon would be welcomed with open arms. No chance. My suggestion that I should go out for a ride with them was treated with extreme suspicion. They do not trust my intentions which makes me a little worried that my behaviour has not been good on previous occasions.
Anyway we went for a ride. The heather is in flower and there are these insects with red legs that have had a population explosion. The positives are that they did not bite and did not get up your nose.
The temperature was not too hot. I only fell off twice! We enjoyed ourselves. Steve is a lot fitter than I am and got to the top of hills first and that does not happen often. We saw two rabbits that reminded us of our childhood, they had MYXOMATOSIS

Lynne gearing up.jpg

The start.jpg

starting problems.JPG

interesting start.JPG


Judy downhill.JPG

Lynne descent.JPG

Dovestones edge.JPG

Dovestones edge

Steve on the phone.JPG

descent path.JPG


Electric fence.JPG

I had never heard of an electric shepherd before.


4 responses to “A cycle ride with sister and wife”

  1. steve says:

    Was just looking at the photos as the link for this entry arrived. Will this be the first of many?

    For this ride no. For others possibly

  2. Chris says:

    Makes me feel like going out this morning and buying a bike. But I would be so unfit! On the other hand it would get me in the right form for ski-ing, no more aches and pains the first day and so much more interesting than solitary exercise. Wonder what my accountant would say about it.

    Chris, I suspect she might saysomething similar to mine.

  3. Judee says:

    I like the fact that you have swapped the order of the 2 photos of Lynne, Steve and I going up the hill – it looks like I overtook Steve. (Fat chance!)

  4. Judee says:

    I like the fact that you have swapped the order of the 2 photos of Lynne, Steve and I going up the hill – it looks like I overtook Steve. (Fat chance!)

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