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Urban Canals

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interesting bridge.jpg

This route passes trough some urban areas and the start is the same as my route to school last summer. It is suprising to find a quiet cycle route between Stalybridge and Marple. There is a steep hill to start and finish the route.

Interesting bridge on our ride of part of the Cheshire ring canal path

light web.jpg

First there was light. The night light attracted insects. The insects attracted the spiders who made the webs. A variety of debris caught in the cobwebs. What you cannot see is the party popper bits and pieces that are also caught in the web. It is these that give it the Christmas feel. Note the two pigeons sat on top of the light they have made their contribution to the Christmas display. It is not snow but it is white.

Map of our ride Stalybridge – Marple by canal towpath

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