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Faro Portugal

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stork web.jpg

White Stork nesting near the marina in Faro Portugal

I have never been on a nearly empty plane before. After I had checked in and had been through security I arrived at my gate and was confused because there was only ten people there. I asked to board the plane as I assumed everybody had already boarded. I was asked to wait. When I did board I chose a row of three seats with a lot of legroom and made a bed as the plane was three-quaters empty. These are the seats that the steward has to give you special instructions because it is your job, in case of an emergency, to open the exit and lead your fellow passengers to safety by clambering over the wing. Has this ever happened?

The photographs

Faro marina.jpg

Faro Marina close to my hotel

We arrived early and I attempted to get a taxi into Faro. The fist taxi, they were queuing up, was not large enough for my bike bag. The rest of the taxi drivers refused to attempt it and suggested I catch a bus. This was not an option as I am not strong enough to carry a bike and my luggage. I needed a cunning plan and it was suggested to me by a Portugese man who looked as if he had nothing to do – he suggested I go and hide until all the taxi drivers who had seen me had gone. I went back into arrivals and came out again after a few minutes and tried again. The trouble was that the taxi that arrived again was not big enough to take the bag. The one behind was but he refused to let me try. Back into arrivals again and on my third attempt I arrive at the front of the queue and a taxi arrives that the bike bag will fit into. He is grumpy because of the bag and the fact that he has had to queue for 35 minutes for a fifteen minute job.

At the hotel I put the bike together and go out into the sunshine and marvel at the storks nesting in the middle of town. The place is emptying fast for the New Year holiday and I find it difficult to get a meal and beer but am fast asleep by 10:30 on New Year’s eve.

Stork and the bells.jpg

Not frightened by a bit of noise

2 responses to “Faro Portugal”

  1. Stephen says:

    Nice stork, looking forward to the rest

  2. fiona wilson says:

    every morning i drive my daughter down to Faro marina to catch the bus for school,and every day i have to stop to look at my !! stork in the middle of the busy roundabout, he has sat through traffic , rock bands ,football on big screens,fireworks ,but nothing seems to bother him.
    today tues 7th jan, i counted 14 of the beautiful creatures nesting down near faro, they fasinate me.
    long may their numbers continue to grow, as they put a smile on my face every day

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