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A giant pomegranate making facility

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Faro – Alte


I sat and waited on the balcony for the best shot

Starting cycling at 8:30am on the first day of January meant there was little or no traffic, which was lucky really because even after some reconnaissance I ended up on a motorway type road leading to the airport. It was round the roundabout and try again.

The photographs

After this false start I used the compass for conformation I was heading North. Green countryside, warm weather and the smell of orange blossom made me feel good. I headed for a forest that was a nature reserve – Fonte Benemola – to get there I first passed a lot of holiday homes with the odd village that advertised English breakfasts and an English estate agent. As I gained height I reached maquis vegetation that we have seen so much in Sardinia. The little nature reserve was there because the river was fed by springs and ran all year so a rare green place with running water in the summer. I saw a sparrowhawk. I know it was a sparrowhark as a little brown bird flew past at lightning speed followed a meter behind by a bird of prey. There was a lot of swerving before I lost view of them.


The pomegranate making facility

As I headed into the hills I joined the scenic road, as shown on my map, and I was pleased to note it was not as nice as the smaller roads that I had chosen. It did however have a giant pomegranate making facility! I arrived in, as the blurb described, the second prettiest village in the Algarve. I did not think the villages have as much character as the white villages in the Sierra Nevada – Spain.


The second prettiest village in the Algarve – Alte.

I found a nice hotel with a perfect view down to the coast and took some photographs of the sunset, watched Manchester United draw with Newcastle and had an early night.

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