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Dunford Bridge

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Link to the artist and his photographs I was about to take a photograph similar to this when the camera informed me that the batteries were providing no power and it promtly turned itself off

Why it did not tell me that there was little remaining power this morning is confusing. We cycled past this image close to Penistone on the Trans Pennine trail.

The week started with Lynne looking at me and informing me that I had a serious problem. The problem was my left eye that had taken on a squashed tomato look. The part that used to be white was now bloody. This was scary until we had consulted the web and my father both confirming that the condition was not painful and would not effect vision. I found it easier, for the rest of the week, when requesting children to do as I told them to look to the side of them, curl my lip and wait. To be honest it was not an effective strategy for long because I could not hold the pose for long and they asked lots of questions such as “who hit you sir!” and I answered them.

Lynne and I headed across the Pennines to gain some sun. We cycled 40 Km, starting at Dunford Bridge, with at least 15 km either off road or on melting ice on the cycle track. I thought this was quite impressive for January.

lynne web.jpg

Lynne thinks she needs a replacement hat she is scared that this one might fail and she has not got one in reserve. I think it is just because I have got two. And to think my father declined one as a gift on his birthday. There is no accounting for taste

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