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1954 and all that

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Watching the football 1954 from Pathe news

I was struggling to find a topic for the set of assemblies I had to do last week. It was Mother’s day and my birthday so I came up with a compromise of the year 1954, important to me as the year of my birth, interesting to the children as it confirmed how old I was, out of touch with their lives and just as important the staff would hopefully enjoy the assembly. It also had relvevance to mother’s day as I asked each set of students what happened on Sunday that was important and they all said Mother’s day and I could tell them they were wrong as it was my birthday. I did not quite say it like that!

I found this web site. Pathe news

The site has all the Pathe news clips from seventy plus years that can be downloaded and if they are used in education you can download high resolution copies. I spent my birthday creating this video that I then used for my assemblies to the whole school over three days. They enjoyed the football best. Why did I not mention Sarah’s name? Well I had spoken to Sarah in the process of making it and she talked about the fact I had a moral obligation to do something that I cannot remember now. Perhaps it was asking permission?

The video that I showed in my assembly I was suprised how many hours it took. My students are given 15 hours to produce a movie that should last between 60 and 90 seconds. As I am teaching them, my skills should be better about three hours produced the movie that there is a link to above. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

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