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Oranges and Storks

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orange people small.jpg

Clearing up the oranges in Serpa

Serpa – Alcoutin 106Km 5h 27 min Av Hr Rate 61% Av Speed 19.5

Weather forecasts have not worked for me in this area. It is cool with a perfect blue sky. The TV tells me it be cloudy with possible showers. I do not think so. I saw Hoopoes, Storks, Grouse, Lapwing and Azure winged Magpies. As I loaded up the bike I met the pavement crew knocking the oranges on to the street. I took their photograph.

The photographs if you did not see them on the last post.

storks small1.jpg

I could not remember the road in to the town and I cycled around the quiet ring road. My first choice of road turned to cobbles and I turned around and went around again. The problem was it was the right choice. It was not marked Mertola but Espagne (Spain). I reversed the road that I had rushed on Tuesday evening. A fabulous road and this time I had enough time to stop and take photographs of the Storks which I had thought on the way in were just a couple of pairs but turned out to be a large colony.

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