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Naturel Regional Volcans

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I had two attempts to reach this Col. I got lost the first time.

A stunning ride mostly through forest with the odd clearing for a village. I followed the signs for the Col du Beal 1390. I am ashamed to say that I was back at the car after 50km and realized that the signs or lack of them had led to my demise. I had not reached the Col.

As I was on my own and in no hurry I tried again, so a short ride turned into a 100km one. I enjoyed watching families having Sunday lunch. They were all sat outside drinking wine late into the afternoon. I made sure I reached the Col in fact some of those having lunch shouted encouragement. The sun shone through the forest onto flowers that I could not identify from the bike. I enjoyed the long ascent some of which I was doing for the second time. When I reached the Col it was covered in pansies though they did not have heart shaped leaves which confused me. A 25 Km descent and I was back at the car.

5 hours 43 min
Av ht rate 66
17.4 Km/hr hilly!

Sat 26th July

I drove into the Naturel Regional Volcans. A good ride with great views of the extinct Volcanos.

80Km gain in height 2100 meters. 4 hours 35 mins
Av 17.3 Km/hr. 70% Av heart rate

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