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Last ride in the Alpes and on to Brittany

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La Roche aux Fees

For my last ride before going to meet Lynne I wanted something pretty, long but not too hard. From a colouring in point of view, yellow highlighter on map. The Alpe du Grd –Serre combined with the Col d’Ornon which I have done previously looked the best option.

I had perfect weather and an easy down hill start towards Grenoble made me feel really good as I was averaging 25 Km/hr for the first hour.

The ascent do the Alpe du Grd Serre of about 1000m was nice and cool as it was wooded and not steep. Lovely flowers and I overtook a few people – great. The col at the top was a bit of an adventure/holiday camp and I carried on immediately. As it was the last ride before meeting Lynne I let the bike go and accelerated out of the hairpins. I reduced braking to the minimum and got up to a personal best of 72Km/hr overtaking a young man. He looked surprised and promptly overtook me with a determined face at the start of the next hill. Wooded valleys, alpine villages with tiny fields and lots of hills a bit like Wales really.

The ascent of the Col d’ Ornon was very hot above the tree line but I had done it before and just got on with it. The descent was fast and technical a fitting way to finish my Alpine trip.

A question

Why was I the only person on the camp site to have hairy legs male or female? It cannot make that much difference can it?

Thursday 7th August

Lynne “I do not do camping anymore”

Arrived at Marcille – Robert in Brittany, a village I picked by looking at the map it had green areas around it and a lake. I went for a ride and got wet at least three times. Welcome to the North! 1h 29 min 32 Km.

Saturday 9th August

We drove to Huelgoat but took our time as the house was not available until 4:00pm. We visited the local prehistoric burial mound – actually a stone construction called La Roche aux Fees. This was surprisingly interesting and suggested questions such as how did they get those enormous rocks up there? It was in a pretty setting with some very large and very old sweet chestnut trees.

On the way to the house we had one of those arguments that only married couples can have over giving directions. It involved one of us throwing the map at the other. I would just like to say Lynne was in the wrong!

King Arthur Country

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