Chaplog tries hard In which an ageing climber comes to terms with life closer to the ground.


New Skills

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After a Monday at work I did not expect to be learning the new skill of extricating yourself from this situation

To find out why and how



The Phil and Friends Challenge Ride

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The advert for next year, the 2008 version covered the same course


l’île Callot

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A warning to be taken seriously



Learning to walk

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Kedleston Park Between Ashbourne and Derby

Growing old is a process of doors shutting. As time goes by the list of things you cannot do grows longer and one struggles to find activities that meet one’s needs. I have always thought I would not swim if I could surf I will not go walking while I can still climb. I have made the change, with difficulty, from climbing to cycling and my mind has become settled.


Back to school

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That was Christmas and I am now back to school. IT wise I did quite a lot.


Return of work

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Well that was the holiday, now real life resumes. The best part of seven weeks is all the time in the world to get used to different patterns of behaviour that now have to be disregarded in a jolt. It is a shock, a culture shock, to return to school after this length of time. Mind you I have a friend who went to the Leeds festival with his son, for a weekend. He talks of re-entry after that short space of time. Re-entry has proved not to be one hundred percent successful. I hope it was in his case and that Jack White, of the White Stripes gets better soon.


Paid a man to do this!

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Not for the squeamish but stuff happens.
Plastic surgery for you


close arm.jpg

If I was asked the question What do you think happened to him? I would suspect some type of accident. A mountain bike accident would be favourite as the elbow frequently gets damaged in falls off a bike and severe bruising can be expected I’ve done it, but not this time. A climbing accident would be my second choice, as I did a lot of that, note past tense. I am not sure if I am going to do much in the future. No, neither of these were the cause.

I had to beg, yes beg, a man to do it. An elbow and shoulder consultant – they specialise. I was offering to pay him lots of money but he was scared. Two days before going to have some shrapnel – bits of bone – removed from my elbow, two of my fingers had started to have continual pins and needles.

When I discussed this with the consultant his face dropped. One operation had become two, I needed ulnar nerve decompression as well. The problem for him was that he was 99% sure that was what was needed and it was no big deal to do both operations at the same time, but if it wasn’t necessary, something went wrong and I cared to sue him I would win. On the other hand he could not do the shrapnel removal and not the ulnar nerve decompression as I would then need a second operation. We had a long chat about how one could be sued so easily in education, medicine and if you ran climbing walls. I have never understood how you can forget to tie on to your rope properly, fall off, and have the audacity to sue the management of the climbing wall. Insurance premiums go up and things become more expensive!

One operation that was meant to start at 2:30 pm became two operations starting at 5:00pm. When I came out at 8:00pm I was told I had spoken to him and he had told me how the operation had gone. I remembered nothing. I was told to give him a ring; he was in the Sainsburys café having his tea.

I never did find out why I was so bruised but look at the URL below “Plastic surgery for you” Well who’d have thought”!


New teeth part 2

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Decided to have them on a “if you do not like them you can take um back basis”. Please excuse the wild look but it is hard to take a photograph of yourself with one functional arm and a frozen jaw. Maybe I should have waited?

This means they are only stuck on with glue not cement. What I had not realised was that your teeth make a big difference to the way you speak. After I had said things like “Friendly fireman fight fires” to practice the “f”s and Sally sails serenely to practice the “s”s I was becoming unsure of the whole thing, hence the temporary option.

Another great day Teeth Part 1

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The agenda for today is new teeth.

At a certain age one becomes long in the tooth. My front teeth got ground down by holiding wire runners in them while climbing. That led to crowns and now the older man has to replace his crowns. Today is the day. Why do you have to replace them you might ask, well, it is all about being long in the tooth. No picture of this yet. A before and after shot might not be in good taste but could be a good advertisment for the dentist. I hope!


They were bigger than I thought

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I went to hospital to have these fragments removed from my elbow. The question I am now asking is “Why did I not have this done 18 odd years ago?” I could have avoided a locking elbow and the like.


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