Chaplog tries hard In which an ageing climber comes to terms with life closer to the ground.


And then the temperature changed

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A wet Cranesbill flower

In a week where I abandonded a lesson in a computer room due to the heat and when I ran along the curry mile, Rusholme Manchester, it was too hot for even those in a Sari. It comes as no surprise then that I was close to shortening our Saturday ride due to the cold. (more…)


Leaving school

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The end of school disco has changed somewhat since my time

I remember a disco at the end of my Sixth Form. Not a send off with champagne and a fleet of black Porches when I was 16! (more…)


Summer flowers

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Bumble Bee’s view of a foxglove

As we rode around Lower and Higher Bradfield, as we have done may times before, I noticed the difference it was not cold on the descents. We are not used to rhw heat. The foxlgloves were coming into flower and I was intrigued with a bumble bee’s view.


Manifold Valley

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Ox eye daisies

After a week of map reading where there is only one road, Jura, or a a road around the coast and one through the middle, Arran, had made me overconfident in my map reading skills. We set out on a thirty five mile ride that became forty as the first hour was spent going around a five mile circle – highly embarrassing. (more…)


A midweek trip

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Sunset over Bleaklow

On my return home after a three hundred mile trip and a few days rest I expected my next outing to show the fitness I had gained. Well, I was wrong. (more…)


Jura – and a ferry ride to Islay and then to Kintyre – 42 miles

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Jura by the sea

Today was an exercise in time management. I had to catch a ferry to Isaly at 2:15 to ensure I was in time for the ferry to Kintyre at 3:45 pm. Before 2:14 pm I needed to cycle forty miles so I would be able to get to the end of Jura and back.

See the pictures



Rhu – Craighouse 0n Jura 41 miles of cycling a boat and a long time in a pub

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Craighouse Jura

An early start to catch the ferry. I wanted to see the wildlife so I went on deck in the rain. I had all my clothes on but it was not enough for the conditions I soon became cold and damp.

See the pictures

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