Chaplog tries hard In which an ageing climber comes to terms with life closer to the ground.


Benbecula – Harris

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We woke up to the sun streaming into the bedroom. We did not expect to have to stop so much to see the wildlife but we had not gone far before we spent ten minutes or so watching a hen harrier hunting.




North Uist

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We woke up to a bright still morning. My confident statements that the midge season (wee beasties) does not start to well into June was proven wrong as we immediately got bitten whilst setting the bikes up.

North Uist Beach.jpg


The Outer Hebrides trip

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Lynne and I drove down with Mary and Steve to Skye. It poured with rain most of the way down, tropical at times. I was on my best behaviour as Mary has a realistic fear of people who drive dangerously.

Kyle of Lochash on jouney down.jpg


The Peak District

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The Peak district web.jpg

Three Chapmans went on a delightful ride on Saturday morning after discussing all our ailments and others misfortunes. I feel a new rule is going to be applied in my company in the vein of “holiday rules apply”. It concerns personal health and misfortune. I wish to minimise the discussion of such topics.

Great pictures


A Yorkshire ride in

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This lady failed the humour test later web.jpg

A Yorkshire ride in the sun. My new and hopefully mended camera had returned from Olympus. So I clicked


Tissington Trail

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trees and mown hay web.jpg

Lynne and I go out together on a Friday evening to the Pysiotherapist, we get back to back appointments. Today we had the Ibrobrufen with lunch and and then drove out to the Peak. We tootled along the Tissington and High Peak trail, ate cake and drank tea at Tissington.

Pictures from this winter and today of the same ride


Langsett Round – second attempt

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The steep section to Join the woodhead web.jpg

A first successful attempt on this damp and demanding ride.

The last time we attempted this it was so windy it blew lorries over. Today it was considerably warmer but it was still hard work.

See photos of the previous attempt before it hailed and did other unpleasant things – in addition a smug Steve in bluebellsThe unpleasant details



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close up gorse near Rowath web.jpg

A yellow coconut smellling tunnel of gorse

I found a little bit of bridleway I cannot remember being on before. Our intention was to visit a public house in the village. The village was tiny but I failed to find the little mill pub at Rowarth. We started with three Chapmans but finished with two. It was not as tragic as it sounds Judy was feeling ill and headed off home.


Mottram – Tintwistle

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web blue bells.jpg

It is that time of the year again. A blue bell wood near Mottram.

How to avoid the bank holiday crowds, get up early, we did but it started raining just as we were leaving.


Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

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Kate and I went on holiday in Manchester. Well we go there everyday day but today we decided to act like tourists, enjoy ourselves!

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