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Diving 2018- 2021

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Dive 1407 16m 52 min Aliwall shoal. The surf was high but worse was the general swell that gave everyone a sickly feeling. Vis not good 12 m on the reef more outside.
saw a large turtle and a smaller one. All the usual coral reef fish clown fish pipe fish Puff fish moray eels etc .

The surface interval was unpleasant not sick but felt distinctly uncomfortabe.

Dive 1408 22.3m 7 min deco Three more turtles an eagle ray and as last year the inexperienced got a load of deco. I stayed with them while they did their
deco and we got out at 94m. On the plus side we saw a sting ray, a black tip shark who came really close and a few hundred large barracuda..


Dive 1409 33m 5min deco saw a silvertip shark swimming around nice. Saw a white lobseter very large proboscis type horns. We also saw a Peacock Mantis shrimp
which is meant to have special sight 16 different colour sensors including infared and a hammer blow that stuns prey (breaks shell of crab for examplealso
beautiful colours on its shell. Free swimming

Dive 1410 spent an hour in an attempt to attract sharks failed did a shallow dive with a lot of swelly side to side stuff

19/03/18 1411 1412 baited dives a lot of black tips big groupers and the odd turtle we also saw dolphins for a few seconds underwater and also dolphins on the surface.
getting used to the new camera. A storm got up while we were undrewater and getting back on the boat was challenging as sharks were banging into us from
below. Sharks are not frightening when you can see them but when they are up close and you cannot see them it is worrying. One bloke was struggling to reach the
boat with sharks all around him

20/03/18 travelled up to Mozambique one giraffe one wildibeast and a few gazelles.

21/03/18 1413 -1414The Pinnacles dolphins on the way out. I had difficulty getting down and dropped straifht on to a tiger shark We went down to about 33m nice
reef pretty colours a couple of large shoals of kingfish. Black tip sharka shoal of hammerheads. bullshark. Strong wind and difficult to get

Dive 1415 lighting in the night and heavy rain we did one dive on the atlantis reef 42m I chased down a potato bass to 42 metres we saw a large group of barracuda
with a reef shark among them I did not see the shark, The bottom was nice clear water pretty fish but did not stay long enough.

Dive 1416 -1417
Heavy rain poor visibility saw hammer heads behind a shoal of barracuda but the vis was bad. Also devil rays and an eagle ray
and a turtle
Dive 1418 14-19
good sighting of tiger sharks on both dives but did not get a video

Dive 1420-1421
Good weather warm and no rain. We had better bullshark sightings on the second dive I saw Palette sturgon fish
and we were in the middle of a shoal of Cape yellow tails.
On the first dive we saw a ribbontail ray and a dragon stingray
Dive 1422-1423 Today was all about the tiger shark. We went to eagle rock and I went down to the left where there were some eagle rays about 7-8 as we started to come up a tiger shark swam towards me and kept on coming I filmed him till I was scared then stood up and shouted to scare him away.
Dive 1424 – 1425 dolphins on the way out silver tip, tigers,bull sharks devil and roundtipped ribbon rays in the surface interval we saw spinner dolphins
100s black tip Mola MOla and a Manta ray on the surface
1426-1427 two dives bull sharks and other things I am wasted!
1428 A check dive at Xwenji bay with Daniel geared up with mistakes took awhile to get used to the equipment
1429 Meet Geoffrey 8:45 Reqqa equipment felt great. 55m scorpion fish, spotted nudibranches, big groupers, little tuna, dentex a barracuda. Clear water great.
1430 Ghasri point without the ladder got out at Billingshurst 57m 13m deco I got out and walked back to the truck changed and drove it to billingshurst.
1431 The bottleneck. I made the mistake of jumping in with my mask on top of head when we were going in negatively buoyant. I sorted it out underwater – not clever. Dive fine I was a little cold. Shoulders hurt badly afterwards we had to walk back from Billingshurst front strap not done up. It might help.
1432 Crocodile rock – front strap done up no problems with shoulders. Saw a large Tuna and a lot of barracuda. Jeffrey had problems with ear and could not go deep.
1433 Blue hole the valley. jeffrey could not get deeper than 30m I went down to look at the shark eggs at 63m he met me as I was coming up.
1434 Crocodile rock no problem with shoulders. Dived with Richard saw lobster, dentex, a couple of groupers and a lot of Barracuda in the theater. Got slightly wet. Why?
1435 Shoulders good did not get wet went to the wrecks Xlendi saw torpedo ray in the sand a couple of scorpion fish and squid eggs on the propeller.
1436 ta Cenc with Jeffrey we saw scorpion fish, baby spotted nudibranches a sea hare a viel slug? a sea horse a pipe fish – lots of things! I got wet again
1437 Blue hole with Fred did not get wet did the swim through at 55. Did not see a lot. One Moray eel
1438 Litter picking in Marsalforn bay sous marine. We had our photo taken with the council workers.
1439 Reqqa Dived with Fred good amount of dentex groupers I got mixed up in a Salp bubbles from divers below and surfaced with 5 mins deco to do. Went straight back down again silly mistake.
1440 gahsri point to Billingshurst did not see a lot. forgot to fix torch and input for drysuit. MUST check before diving!
1441 xlendi Went with jeffrey a frenchman and two locals perfect weather calm and warm. The swim out was long but bearable. jumped in with gloves in fin not clever! Went down to 63meters saw lots of bits of pots and 3/4 of one
1442 Dwerja dived with Fred we did the valley nice lobsters and looked at the shark eggs.
1443 Wrecks. Dived with one customer Jeffrey was hoping to come but could not. Did the Kawala followed by the Cominoland. Lynne came as well. Nobody else there at the start and at the end. A first? You can go between the wrecks by keeping the same depth because the wrecks are at the same depth. I used a compass but noticed you can follow the slope.
1444 Blue hole one customer went from the left side over the valley and in to coral garden down the chimney and across
1445 Ladder removal with Jeffrey. Must tie 3rd or fourth rung down. Ears ringing afterwards it was hard work
1446 double arch with a couple of instructors learning the dive. No ladder at the washing machine so got out at Xwenji bay. I had a little doubt of where i was. We saw three species of nudibranches and a single barracuda
1447 Anchor reef 12 min before descending and down to the sand saw a torpedo ray then came all the way up the valley
1448 Dwerja with Neil We did the “old dive” blue hole, right hand side swim through at 40m across to the chimney with a swim through, up chimney, through coral garden and back to the blue hole with a crossing in the blue.
1449 Dwerja with DJ first deco dive first dive below 40m first octopus. 43m nearly the same dive as yesterday.
1450 Dwerja two customers Crocodile rock brilliant. nice electric ray and a couple of hundred barracuda that allowed us to get really close
1451 Cominoland with the French one man not enough weights we had problems I sat on him and Dennis gave him 1.5kg which was still not enough.
1452 Kawala better but not fun saw two species of nudibranches.
1453 I was on the boat Lantern point through the tunnel and down to the left great swim through down to close to the sand. I would love to go really deep there
1454 P31 I swam down to put a rope around the wreck. I left the customers to do there own thing
1455 Blue hole a little swell my now favorite circuit. swim through at 40 up chimney and around
1456 Croc rock saw the Barracuda bud did the swim through at 48 a little too deep. someone run out of air on the way back to coral garden
1457 Inland sea standard route with the swim though
1458 Walked to Ghasri point did the jump with 6 frenchman. We hit a current it took 30 mins to get to the cave. big current.
Un jour de conge too much wind in all directions no diving
1459 Ta Cenc with the French bad vis with the French one dropped weight pocket
1460 MGarr Xini bad vis did not see very much. But a nice week with the French.
1461 The wrecks with sonia and stephan Xlendi
1462 The wrecks with sonia and stephen kawala and Cominoland with three Moray eels all in the shelf inside the boat
1463 Ghasri point walked from the end of the valley and jumped in. Saw groupers slipper lobster and little tuna catch a fish and fight for the leftovers
1464 Reqqa went along the drop off at 50m saw big groupers a Moray and some skip jack tuna.
1465 Dwerja with a german who had not arrived for awhile maximum 25m
1466 Went to the valley instead of the double arch because my divers were not good enough saw a cowrey shell.
1467 Reqqa with Jeffrey Sonia and Stefan. 50+ meters good fish life
1468 Reqqa enjoyed it so much we went back and did the same. The difference being that instead of the swim through at the start I stayed high and descended at the point and went left 2 free swimming Morays, dentex large grouper and smalle groupers.
1469 Inland sea with some french girls who were double diving.
1470 The Wrecks Kawala no deco. The spot of the day was the chips at the new mobile cafe at the heliport.
1471 ta cenc with sonia and stephan and Geoffrey. saw an octopus eating a sea hare, another octopus, cuttle fish, sea horse and baby sea hares that look like a flat worm.
1472 Inland sea last dive for fred. swim through at 50 stayed down deep for quite awhile 18min deco. Rock crab and scorpion fish
1473 Blue hole with two french swim through at 40 stayed deep for awhile entered coral garden with about 10min deco saw brown meager a few dentex and small groupers.
1474 A cock up I went to double arch and Geoffrey went to Dwerja. When he did not arrive I tried to phone but the battery was flat. I was forgiven.
1475 A forgiven Mike dived with Geoffrey and a customer we did the bottle.
1476 The wrecks Kawala went into the engine room saw an interesting crab under the boat otherwise not a lot. Left drysuit at the the wrecks had to go back for it.
1477 The wrecks Cominoland Big lobster with the traditional large claws, big dentex, and an octopus
1478 Reqqa in “just” conditions big swell I was with Geoffrey and one customer. We saw the big grouper there appears to be only one and 20 or so blue runners with a couple of amberjacks. All the sea bream had congregated on the point coming back.
1479 Blue hole to Inland sea 66min I struggled on air compared to two men in wetsuits
1480 Crocodile rock wavy a shoal of amberjacks, the barracuda big grouper and a lot of dentex great dive I was with Gunter his last dive
1481 Valley left side 64 metres it is long and brings you out on a field of grass come up at the point, coral garden or coral cave. Possible shark eggs
1482 Dived from Billinghshurst went straight down and to the left towards the Maruhti 58.6 m saw a qwentin crab, scorpion fish a snake eel(not sure of the proper name) just head sticking out of the sand. got to the Maruhti a lot of squid eggs. Felt dizzy afterwards

I have headaches and feelings of headache for about a week after the reverse squeeze. and took a day and a half off. Caused by blocked sinuses strange no problems under water but on land headache

1483 With Keith the local Dwerja did a 37 m dive usual places
1484 Croc rock a lot of plankton a few dented and groupers but no Barracuda
1485 Reqqa from Billingshurst hardly any fish the big grouper and a dentex
1486 Reqqa jeffrey and an Italian very wavy getting in I stumbled and found it hard to stand up slipper lobsters the big grouper and the usual scorpien fish
1487 blue hole inland sea went through swim throughs and stayed deep. I was unsure of where i was and was not sure that I had got to the old man’s cave. I was too deep and went past it.
1488 Went to the centre three times first they said some divers were coming at 10:30 so I went home and came back at 10:30. One diver who when he was told the options he cancelled. Dived at the wrecks in the afternoon. Kawala
1489 Wrecks Kawala shared air, second day running. Weather has improved and we went shopping in the afternoon
1490 Dwerja blue hole standard dive octopus, nudibranch dalmation, grouper dentex
1491 Coral cave the highlight being the loudspeaker underwater people counting in French and English
1492 Reqqa perfect weather flat calm. Big grouper near the start dentex, blue runners great visibility.
1493 Ghasri Point 50min 60m a lot of deco. We made rope loops to help us get out. Dennis came as well as Geoffrey.
1494 Reqqa with Jeffrey shrimps cave only a few shrimps. Shoal of blue runners and a grouper. He had a hangover after Liverpool losing the champion’s league final
1495 ‘ghasri Point with Nibili saw 12 dentex together and a couple of medium sized groupers. got oLout at the beach
1496 Double Arch lobster, Saterlite urchin big grouper and 3 dalamation nudibrachces. brown meagres and small groupers
1497 Blue hole max 31 made a nice dive with the swimthroughs “roller coaster” nudibrach dalmation, scorpion fish, octopus, brown meagre, dentex small groupers
1498 Inland sea to blue hole vis terrible did not see a lot
1499 Billighurst with Simon he meditated in front of the cave for 30 mins got deco. I looked around
1500 Great dive with the german instrutor Croc rock 50+ dentex a few barracuda groupers a very nice dive
1501 Apollo, Merrick and one customer with a twinset 56m through the swim through. They were keen and we did it. Whether I should have is another matter.

********************Reread your message from the end of the autumn visit ****************************
01/05/18 Double arch via submarine cave felt dizzy arms tingled legs felt weak for a couple of mins – took oxygen for 10/15mins.
02 day off felt a little dizzy walking slightly differently
03 Saw Brian told me to rest
04 tried to walk to Rambla bay felt dizzy after half an hour came back Had a bit of a panic attack
05 walk with Lynne gentle walking still feels as if I have had a little to drink. Did some Yoga felt good. Just thought things were settling down when.. Went to Zeebug for a Pizza in the evening. After the bumpy ride back had trouble walking.
06 Went to Hospital
06 Chamber
07 Chamber
08 Collected report from Dr Saliba
09 came home

17/09/18 Reqqa dived with Marek first dive after problem in june
18/09/18 Reqqa Dived with Dennis 45m 7mins deco no problems. would have forgotten weights but was reminded.
Blue Hole Crocodile rock to Coral garden. Not a lot of fish but a nice trip
Blue hole valley right hand side 61m 64 mins
21/09/18 Rib to Ta cawla caves. Good dive had a little problem with the SMB did not let air out of my bcd before filling it.
22/09/18 Reqqa the bottle Two customers, one had a panic attack and held my hand on the exit. Did bottom up which is sensible when their is a likely problem. 74mins Rheiner wanted to spend more time under water before getting out
1510 Inland sea old man’s cave poor vis slight swell
24/09/18 Double arch with David williams friends 12l pleasant. Ed the english guy had a shocker got out at the washing machine in a slight swell a large guy in a shortie was bleeding legs and arms
25/09/18 Inland sea with one customer. Did the swim through at 50m but did not go much further a lot of swell.
26/09/18 Inland sea. Went right at to a depth of about 45 came up to 20m just after whale cave and went on too, I now know is called Tal Barba long cave. Turned around at 95bar and came back at 3-5m I was worried about not having enough air to get back. I thought Phillip had given the 50 bar sign but with the other hand he was saying 80bar. I came out with 40bar. A good addition best done on a 15litre.
There was a good halocline at about 6/7 metres.

I am using 5Kg one on each side of the BCD then 2Kg on one side and 1 on the other

27/09/18 Went to Xlendi the place. the tunnel is just to the left of a semi circle indent in the rock on the far side to the right of that is a white rock. I set a compass bearing on that. The tunnel is at about 5m On the other side of the tunnel you can go straight out to 30m to the right at about 20 is a large intersting pinnicale . on the return into the bay follow the line of moorings and look out for the swimming line. I had a surface check by a mooring. It was a good job I did as there was a speedboat very close just before I hit the surface.
28/09/18 The wrecks Cominoland. Vis not as good as I thought and had to take a careful compass bearing on the way back because I could not see the difference between North and South.
29/09/18 Middle finger bad viz still dirty unpleasant used a compass to leave the pinnacle
30/09/18 Inland sea left hand side went to the cave and into the cave on the left handside. Waves making a noise that you could feel the pressure waves
01/10/18 Blue hole Coral gardens and down to Coral cave. Small tuna hunting just outside with clouds of sardine type fish, A few amberjacks also feeding. Slight current going east from coral garden
02/10/18 Double Arch six customers two with sidemounts who I walked with to the end of the peninsula. Too many waves, then to near where the ladder used to be. They went on there own as they were taking so long to get ready. an older man on Nitrox went with Geoffrey by mistake. We found him while swimming out. He was on fifty soon as we started back. He emptied my tank before we entered xwenji bay so i put him on another cutomeres, then we lost 2 divers because their regulator burst off the first stage. I surfaced and found them. We limped back into the bay with two teams sharing air…..
03/10/18 TA Cenc. The standard dive but with a lot of fish. We saw a shoal of Blue runners, large amberjacks, and small tuna the vis was suprisingly good after heavy rain in the morning
04/10/18 Ghasri point 3 big groupers Barracuda small tuna 50m nice dive. Visited the cave very crowded as the road to Dwerja was closed they were tarmacing the road.
05/10/18 Double arch no deco max 35 saw the barracuda. No vis in xwenji bay due to the run off after the previous nights rain. Walk in afternoon
06/10/18 Wrecks Xlendi Saw the black sea horse
07/10/18 inland sea to Blue hole. 50m swim through. Oner barracuda, dentex, shoals of blue runners very nice
1523 Dwerja 47m no ladder jumped in there got out at Billingshurst. Swimming west in the afternoon is not good at this time of year8/10/18
1524 Je suis alle au Dwerja Crocodile rock nous avions sortir par the coral Garden. il y avais environ trente Barracudas des petits thon et beacoup de blue runners et un peu de amberjacks. 50m
1525 Xwenji bay avec le francais. J’ai plonge avec une femme assez agee et sensible. il a pu vingt minutes de pleurant et motivant de moi la faire plonger cinquante minutes.
08/10/18 Ghasri valley 50m 12min deco with one customer a very pleasant morning
9\10\18 Billingshurst cave with the one diver with sidemounts 72 mins went along the left wall afterwards and got deco.
10/10/18 Double arch with ten people getting them together was difficult
1529 xwenji bau with Massie swam out to the canyon but it was on the left I went right and we did the wall that comes back to the end of the canyons and got out at xwenji bay 35m 82s. The purpose was to trial the dry suits!
11/10/18 The valley right hand 63m with two french men who did not really understand deco. They shared air.
12/10/18 On my own got in coral garden, down chimney swim throughs finishing with the one at 56m. went to Inland sea milky coffee at the surface fine down below.
13/10/18 valley left hand side. 62m Fantastic three Moray eels, 18min deco got lost at 3m in the blue hole embarrassing. Felt a bit weak getting out and later. Easy day tomorrow
14/10/18 Ta Cenc not good vis after the storm. Went to 62m 18c thermocline a lot of good fish 30m deco
15/10/19 Ta Cenc vis terrible until 40m went to 62m 30 deco The wall was very good with the ropes moray and a nudibranch
16/10/18 Reqqa Vis atrocious until 45m then brilliant went to 52 and stayed deep for a few minutes a couple of barracuda lots of dentex groupers moray octopus little baby grouper in a whole in the wall. Great Dive
1536 Billinshurst bad vis made worse by the low sun one to forget
******************* 17/10/18 Day off **************************************************
18/10/18 Crocodile rock limited to 30m some barracuda dentex and groupers but not very good
19/10/18 Inland sea with a second lake next to the toilets and no viz in the tunnel on the way out stayed on the surface. went to Tal Barba 20min there 35m max. Did the whole of the cave and the first cave. Came out with 45 bar 15l and dry suit. A good dive.
20/10/18 blue hole 30m dive around blue hole saw a barracuda blue runners and an octopus helped the ladies over the rocks
21/10/18 Ghmasri point 69.3 metres. With jeffrey I followed Francoise down he was burying his computer in the sand to get a max depth. i did not order him up as I did not know if it was one of the locals. Jeffrey waved his torch in his face.
22/10/18 The Wrecks Xlendi Petra and Nina. Remember when looking for it that the drop off is very steep opposite it. Changed Weights back to 8Kg Tried yesterday with 7Kg the suit was too tight at the end of the dive. Saw three sea horses
23/10/18 The Wrecks Petra Nina and an instructor. My compass took awhile to settle down while leaving the wreck and I was unsure which way to go.
24/10/18 Middle Finger bad visibility below 25m
25/10/18 Xlendi good fish life on the reef tuna, blue runners amberjacks. A very large scorpion fish with a friend at the exit of the Xlendi
1545 Inland sea to the swim through a little swelly
26/10/18 Ta Baba cave by boat went to forty metres in front of the cave. Enjoyed the cave with the Halocline which was not there as it has not rained. The first cave was interesting getting out of the swell at the top of the chimmney.
1547 Double arch swelly good barracuda and got really close. Came directly back from the arch on a south bearing.
27/10/18 ghasri point good fish spent time with the black grouper, barracuda
28/10/18 Reqqa Shrimps cave only 3 and two of those were boxer shrimps a long dive felt safer with a 15l shoals of blue runners
30/10/10 Death of Innes. Ta Cenc Jeffrey was diving with her alone. They were both carrying a stage of 50/50 the visibility was very bad. They stopped to do the change of gases at 20m. Jeffrey lost her and when he found her she was probably dead. She was laid out in front of the steps with paramedics and a doctor, one of our divers trying to restart her heart. for 30 mins nearly 50 divers watched the scene. steve and Eiki arrived. I hugged her and cried a little.
1552 In the afternoon went back to the scene of the accident and dived again.
31/10/18 Blue hole with the french came in through the coral cave exit, a first
1553 Took Bernie to 11m restored his confidence bad vis. I did not take a compass. Mistake. i had to swim out to get clear water,
01/11/18 Reqqa really good lots of fish. I was with the French went to 50m about 15min deco
1554 Double arch. Lots of barracuda. shoals of 100+ Blue runners Amazing
02/11/18 I was on the boat for a Lantern Point dive and P31. We anchored the boat on the Gozo side due to the weather. I was with the four French that I had been with all week.40+ metres and a bit of deco. Did not go through the tunnel I could feel a current. Found a cave with a large swim through but the crashing waves were booming. Could not find the boat. It was not where we had left it. I put up an SMB not boat arrived. Surfaced the boat was a 100m away in a 1.5 metre swell. Swam to the boat all three groups arrived. It was not safe to get on the boat. Dennis got on the boat and we sent two divers at a time. It was very very difficult and dangerous. I was in the water for 2 hours and had to be dragged up the ladder as the last man in the water. On our return we spent 20 mins .collection the rope left on the P31 by our other group. It was tangled in rocks. We sent Huw down I pulled the rope up. On the return half the boat etait malalde le autre cote etait pas malade.
TA Cenc the second dive for those on the boat that did not do a second dive and who wanted to dive. I dived with Bernie Josh and Sam. Bernie chickened out but I dived with josh and we saw a sting ray and a pipe fish,
04/11/18 Went to Ghasri Valley rounded the point and met a very strong current. We met about 15 Barracuda who were hiding from the current. One person surfaced and I gave him two kilos. Another person became very short on air – interesting dive a large shoal of blue runners and some nice tunas hunting
1558 Blue hole memorable because of the surge in the coral garden. 46m and 10mins deco
05/11/18 Reqqa. Jumped in at Reqqa got out at Billingshurst a lot of waves and a few difficulties at the ladder
1560 Blue hole it was undivable. a lot of waves. Negative entry bubbles to 13m. Put fins on and set off did swim throughs down to 30m went to the stump and headed for the corner to get to the inland sea. Did not get close to the wall. Suddenly we were in the blue. I surfaced took a compass bearing on the wall. Swam for 5 mins no closer eventually reached the wall and very soon the old man’s cave.
I was not lost I just could not get to the wall.
1561 Double Arch massive current watched the Barracuda and came straight back
1562 Middle finger clear on the parking side to 40m a lot of action at the top with hunting fish but so much of the finger has no life.
1563 kawala a lot of Scorpion fish about 6 and 3 octopus
1564 Xlendi again a lot of scorpion fish and a nasty dirty brown pool of sewage
1565 Middle finger. Clear to 40m
1566 Double arch Good Barracuda action, little tuna, Big grouper and a lot of little fishes
10/11/18 Reqqa 50m got in on the right side vis not wonderful and it was quite quiet. Got tooth ache and I went into guage mode
11/11/18 Blue hole with French group did the swim through at 57m perfect conditions.

***************************** Back to England **********************************

********************************************************** 2019 ******************************************************************************

Tofo All dives done on 30% Nitrox which made sense as that gave 30min bottom time at 30m
1569 Reggies 30m vis 14m
1570 Mike’s 16m
1571 Manta I saw a Giant Manta not that close but close enough to be impressed! Green turtle Jenkins Whiptail ray, blotched fantail ray,
frogfish Honey combed Morays and a Peacock shrimp.
1572 Rob’s bottom Blotched fantail ray, ornate spiney lobster (enormous) Morays – Honeycomb geometric yellow mouth.
banner fish cornet fish Moorish idols small whale shark
1573 Hogworts Potato groupers
1574 I manta ray from boat blue lined and Hemp back snappers. Very strong current over 30min at 30m
1575 Giants Blotched fantail ray bigeye trevellies. bluefin kingfish 1000+ Natal knifejar
banner fish Redfang trigger fish.
1576 Reggies 20m vis 26 degreees 3 lepord sharks white tip sharks bowmouth guitar fihs Potato groupers shoalling banner fish blue fin King fish
07/03/19 1577 Giant’s castle Jenkins wiptail ray Rubberlips big grouper
1578 Tabletop 6 Jenkins rays bottlenose dolphins I manta
1579 Manta Whale shark I was too slow because of my thick wet suit 19 degrees usual fish
1580 Rob’s bottom
********************************************************* Road trip Tofo to Punta do ouro *******************************************************
The journey took 9 hours. At first it was all coconut palmes and Cashew. Later they were selling firewood, charcoal which was being collected by large lorries. We saw large Portuguese churches. Every village had a speed trap with 3 policemen. We were caught and a 200metecal bribe allowed us to continue- 3 pounds. In Maputo we swapped into a range rover daddy’s car driven by a young man and his attractive girlfriend. We saw evidence of the chinese new road the bridge and hotels with chinese signs. Saw a young elephant as we travelled through the nature reserve. I had a Calmari and prawns sea mix. I woke up at 12 feeling sick and spent the rest of the night on the toilet and feeling sick. stopped at 7 and went out diving on an empty stomach.

1581The pinnacles bull shark blacktip large ray barracudas 2 Waho devil rays
1582 Not a lot one bull shark and an interesting jellyfish with a little fish leading the way

11/03/19 1583 Pinnacles I hammerhead 2 Wahoo 2 bull sharks a silver tip devil rays
1584 not a lot
12/03/19 1585 and 1586 2 poor dives
13/03/19 1587 As there was nothing on the Pinnacles the day before we went to Atlantis reef 38m the top of the reef was nice a lot of brightly yellow fish lovely yellow box fish2 bull sharks and a hammerhead
1588 We saw dolphins on the way we went to the pinnacles not a lot at the st art but a bull shark followed us and a black tip came close

If I ascend very slowly the last 3 meters does this prevent tooth ache.
14/03/19 1589 Atlantis reef Silver tip very close nice trip along the reef we got 10mins deco and lost the Yorkshiremen they were not happy.
1590 The pinnacles better. I went deep and got 10min deco everyone else was quite far away We saw a tiger shark and 3 bullsharks the Unjambiste lost his temper and shouted at me for being irresponsible and spoiling their dives. I bought 4 pieces of material 500 metecals each 6 pounds each.
15/03/19 1590 and 1591 last two dives memorable as the last dive we had 5 bull sharks with us for most of the dive and were still with us when we got in the boat.

***************************** GOZO SPRING ***************************************************
04/04/19 1591 Reqqa 15L 9g as I had not got a torch. Dived with Dennis. Made the mistake of trying to get out without taking my weights out. A mistake as we were climbing up a rope!!!
05/04/19 1592 Blue hole dived on my own went from blu. hole to inland sea. I have not got the angle right after coming out of the rubble to hit the wall to go to old man’s cave. Need to look at it from the top and take a compass bearing.
06/04/19 1593 Blue hole with Jeffrey and locals. through swim through at 40m and then down to 60m. We saw five or six spanish lobsters and a slipper lobster. went right and came up where there is the chimney. 18min deco. 8Kg and torch.
07/04/19 1594 The wrecks with Geoffrey went further out than the Kawala looking for angler fish we did not find any took 10Kg better in shallow water.
08/04/19 1595 Ta Cenc 68min 40m 12min deco looking for angler fish found one 3 sea horses and a flying guanard the one with the legs they walk on the bottom. We would have been out in 50mins but Marlin had 18 extra minutes of deco….
09/04/19 1596 The wrecks with Geoffrey and Malin Xlendi the sugarloaf is at 20m. Stayed on the outside saw a lot of scorpion fish including one white one next to whitre rocks large Moray and a couple of octopuses. I have 9.5 Kg which is more than enough but it keeps me warm.
10/04/19 1597 Middle finger after a failed attempt at Reqqa waves were large. Middle finger is a lot better saw a lobster nudibranch and a couple of Morays.
11/04/19 1598 The wrecks with the two french men no problems Kawala vis bad had to descend to find the starting point.
1599 TA Cenc Marek forgot is dry suit so took that to Mgar xini first just myself and Marlin went to 52m did not see a lot but the cave was interesting with all the baby shrimps
12/04/19 1600 Ta Cenc 52m
13/04/19 1601 Middle finger with the French
14/04/19 1602 the wrecks xlendi with the french a lot of scorprion fish.
15/04/19 1603 Ta Cenc with Charlie, Geoffrey and Fred We saw an angler fish, pipe fish, sea horse, octopus, flying Gurnards both types and a very small thin crab.
16/04/2019 1604 Inland sea. With the two finnish sidemount and twinset they took foreever.
17/04/19 1605 Double arch with a Polish man with twin set and Geoffrey Jumped in at the washing machine went down 42m a few mins deco had a good look around for Barracuda we could safely say there are not any. a couple of spanish a couple of slipper a Moray. Got out without a ladder at the washing machine. it takes 10mins to swim at 3/4 metres to the drop off.
18/04/19 1606 Crocodile rock. Saw nothing until the amphitheater then lots of Barracuda. They kept moving away but finally we got amongst them after lying in the grass. a few hundred mostly smaller in size.
19/04/19 1607 Crocodile rock. Saw nothing until well past the amphitheater but then brilliant stayed for 10min then did coral cave and got out coral garden
20/04/19 1608 Ghasri Point no ladder went to Billingshurst 26min deco 62m Lu. ke Geoffrey and myself did not see a lot apart from a baby sea hare under a stone and an octopus.
21/04/19 1609Blue Hole very very windy from the east. It was blowing boxes away. went with
geoffrey and George noticed my wrist seal had torn when in the water. Went back to the van changed it and got back and dived on my own. 61m swim through and around to the coral garden down chimney, back around to the coral garden and got out at the same time as everyone else 42 min dive.
22/04/19 ********************************** Day off *********************************************
23/04/19 1610 Billingshurs. Disaster. Geoffrey said it was Ok I went to look and was not sure. Geofrrrey got in first to use the lift bag to bring up the old ladder to the shelf. When I jumped it was like a cauldren. I got a fin on quickly and swam out to avoid being sucked into the cave. We dived 60m around the bottom of the bottle saw a couple of little tuna. I was worried the whole of the dive about getting out, I did not have a problem. Went up to change came down to the ladder again to find Fred out of the water with a hurt arm and a few minutes later a semi conscious person without fins floated out of the cave. Dennis was under water lifting the ladder. He floated for about ten minutes before Dennis appeared and rescued him. He was crying on exit. He had cut head and hands were also cut. Nobody happy his girlfriend was calm and looked after him. I should have told them about my concerns. We should have left the ladder. Dennis should have looked after the customers.

24/04/19 1611 Back to Billingshurst with Geoffrey to pick up camera weight belt and other equipment lost yesterday. It looked all right when we jumped in. We could not find any lost equipment so we did the dive anyway. saw some amberjacks, slipper lobster and not a lot else vis good. Got back to the ladder I found a weight belt which I gave to Geoffrey. he got out. when I tried i got hit by a large wave luckily I stuck to the ladder. Not impressed felt a bit low in the afternoon.

25/04/19 1612 A rare visit to xlendi. Took bearing on circular indent with cave to the left. Went through cave and out slightly left a pinnacle at 20m turned left and swam in watching depth getting shallower. Saw Marrek with student close to the ladder. One nice cuttlefish some brown meagres and Moray. I thought it would be harder to navigate.

26/04/19 1613 Blue hole with one person we did coral garden and went into the back cave a lot of prawns and a fork beard. We saw one of each of both types of lobster and possibly a baby sea hare. A couple of dentex lovely and clear hardly any divers.

27/04/19 1614 The Wrecks. We went to the cominoland and then left to the caves. Did not see a lot an octopus, Bright orange/red scorpion fish and a cuttle fish. Computer went into guage mode!!
28/04/19 1615 The wrecks the xlendi water clear but did not see a lot. It was the half marathon and the roads were closed il etait la folie! Hip is hurting while walking……
29/04/19 1616 The wrecks with Fred. Hip was hurting in the morning. We did the kawala and were the first in the water. I searched for things and fred took the photos . I am going to get them from him. when we got out there were 60 people either getting in or preparing to get in the water. La folie

I am going to take a few days off diving and hope for the best.30, 1 ,2, 3 4 5

06/05/19 1617 Went to the wrecks with Fred Cominoland I used a 12l and took my weights down to the water. Water very clear could see the wreck from the drop off.

07/05/19 Hip felt Ok but no room at the inn. I could have dived on my own but decided to have another rest day.
08/05/19 1618 Inland sea 15 litre tank through swim through and down to 55m Did not see a lot.
09/05/19 1619 Reqqa with Fred – his last dive no ladder at Reqqa. swim through 20+ went out to drop off there was a current so kept close to the boulders max 53m 13min deco got out at Billingshurst Groupers small tuna the usual scorpion fish and a nudibranch.
10/05/19 1620 Middle finger Moagan lead the dive jumped in at the pipeline. We went to 45 it was much better down there than last year clear and some life. nice nudibranch a couple of octopus 6 barracuda a nice dive.
11/05/19 1621 Blue hole I did the swim through 57 and went on to the inland sea I was on my own, by choice geoffrey was with a local. Saw five lobsters together on a wall and a nice octopus doing his business in the tunnel
12/05/19 1622 Double arch have not done it a lot recently no barracuda a lot of sardine type of fish dis a lot in one hour got out at xwenji bay.
1623 The Wrecks the Xlendi did not see one scorpion fish. which was a surprise. 13min deco.
13/05/19 1623 The wrecks Cominoland with Martyn the policeman who gets the dead bodies out of lakes and rivers. A very good diver.
14/05/19 1624 Middle finger. We went to Reqqa the waves were coming over the point and there was very dark clouds with rain coming. Middle finger was fine 50m strong current at the top of the pinnacle got in and out in the bay to save walking and my hip.
15/05/19 1625 Hip was really hurting in the morning after collecting Lynne and doing the shopping at Liddle. We went to the Wrecks again. Swam straight out past the wrecks to 60m 20m deco We saw a sand eel octopus 2 one cuttlefish and a few Morays and a very large cuttlefish.

16/05/19 *************** Weather changeable rain wind changing direction did not dive *******
17/05/19 1626 The wrecks again Jeffrey and I. We swam out passed the xlendi to 612m we found a sand eel a very large starfish jeffrey found a fin and a mask. 26min deco a little close with the air at the end
18/15/19 1627 With Geoffrey and the locals went to Billingshurst and swam out to the Marrouti found a dalamation nudibranch, lobster but not a lot else 20 min deco and again close on air 20bar. Maybe I should forget the deep stops when I am short of air
19/05/19 1628 The Wrecks again! Went on my own. I did the cominio normal dive but on my own went left afterwards 6 min deco 42m 50.
20/05/19 1629 The wrecks again!! Two customers English and old. Equipment set up and ready to go. One of them had put his first stage upside down.
21/05/19 1630 Not the wrecks inland sea. 4 customers went to the old man’s cave. Highlight was the sea hare at 5m close to the start grey/brown with black rings. Very nice. It is slightly warmer now have 8Kg.
* Walked yesterday one hour dived inland sea this morning. Can feel hip slightly
22/05/19 1631 Croc rock. Baraccudas but elusive got close to one solitary fish but larger. the others I could see but not get close saw a spotted nudibranch and a slipper lobster in the entrance to coral cave. Only a couple of dentex and no large groupers.
23/05/19 1632 The Wrecks with the trainee divemaster and father
24/05/19 1633 Ta Cenc with Geoffry looking for seahorses 3 flying gurnard I electric ray Hip painful in evening
25/05/19 1634 Reqqa Nice dive with Maddy’s dad. Barracuda, groupers, electric ray nudibranch and scorpion fish. Easy dive. Could feel hip after dive taking Ibo.
26/05/19 1635 no customers Geoffrey and I with a local 61m straight out from Billingshurst down to the bottom of the bottle. 20min deco. Hip still aching taking ibo
27/05/19 1636 Double Arch with Paul maddy’s father nice dive
28/05/19 1637 Ta Cenc I was the helper at the back of a group helping a young girl who was a beginner and chinzia needed to go down to 30m
28/05/19 1638 Mgarr Xinni with some French saw 6 flying Gurnards
29/05/19 1639 Ghasri point to Reqqua! 61m 49m 15m deco (I think) Not planned but there was a swell from the north west and Billingshurst looked bad from under water. I was down to 15 bar on exit. Geoffrey and I went from Billingshurst to Reqqa in, he says five mins.
30/05/19 1640 THe Wrecks Kawala 7min deco. purple nudibranch, scorpion fish, lobster, hairy crab, hermit crab and large octopus on reef
31/05/19 1641 Blue hole but too rough. Inland sea. Stayed deep in tunnel to avoid swell 45m 7min deco a couple of dalmation nuidibranches but not a lot else. My customer Ben got deco by not watching his computer and we had to to do 11min at end of tunnel, not ideal. I was trying to stay just out of deco after losing it.
01/06/19 1642 Reqqa a swell that made the billinghurst ladder dodgy. Rope down Reqqa I did a short dive with Ben. David could not get up the ladder and fell back. Ben struggles but got up I took the fins from both of them. I got up the rope with weights!!!!!!

8Kg 1 on each side in pockets 3 in each weight pocket. dive shirt, thick shirt and jumper two pairs of trousers.

***************************************** Autumn 2019 ******************************************

29/09/19 1643 I went to Blue hole with Dennis Wet suit and 7kg dived on my own down to 43metres getting used to the visibility and navigation with the low sun different to June.
30/09/19 1644 Inland sea to blue hole Geoffrey. A pleasant trip dived with 6Kg
1/10/19 1645 Reqqa one customer max depth 34m saw nothing. 5.5kg felt good
02/10/19 1646 Blue hole to inland sea 55.9 metres 62 mins
03/10/19 1647 Middle finger much improved new water treatment plant appears to be working. 29m 57min saw a baracuda a few morays scorpion fish and blue runners
04/10/19 1648 Middle Finger 30m saw a nice little seche and similar things to yesterday. Saw a large amberjack.
5/10/19 1649 The wrecks cominoland struggled getting back due to current and incompetence
06/10/19 1650 The wrecks Kawala 7 people 2 side mounts no problems saw a cuttlefish octopus and scorpion fish AND A NEW SWIM THROUGH 20 metres left of the Kawala coming back
07/10/19 1651 The Wrecks Kawala with seven people. the wreck was ok. the reef was ok the ladder to get out was a disaster 75 people ish.
08/10/19 1652 No customer diving it was very stormy. I went with Geofrery and a couple of selected customers. blue hole too rough, Middle finger blocked by a lorry and anyway the access was through fields which were a bog. The wrecks again went right across the rocks for about a 150 metres and jumped in 60 metres found three large lobsters in a little wall. 3 barracuda and a lot of octopuses Great dive.
09/10/19 1653 Still stormy. Blue hole Dennis said it was Ok. it wasn’t he had gone on Geoffrey’s word. Negative entry. not easy. Strong current to inland sea. Geoffreys group – Francois lost his weight belt. I had a customer on 25 bar.
10/10/19 1654 Dwerja four customers standard blue hole trip with good balls of little fish amberjacks blue runners and small tuna.
11/10/19 1655 Dwerja four customers blue hole to inland sea. A nice grouper, blue runners Dentex and a barracuda.
12/10/19 1656 Dwerja A standard dive chimney etc
13/10/19 1657 Dwerja with a new french group. The problem was they were not fit enough. i had to carry the womens help her get to the water and bring her tank back. under water they were fine the water was completely calm and plenty of blue runners and a few tuns
1658 The bottle I deserved a dive without customers. The bottle 20min deco a few lobsters and moray eels. Blue runners and tuna while doing the deco
14/10/19 1659 Reqqua An epic with a German who was not fit enough. The bunjees on his wing were too tight and it did not produce enough lift to keep his face out of the water. He was out of control descending. He went down too deep and ran out of air with deco. i looked after him the others left us. 10 or so barracuda big grouper, tuna blue runners morays. The german’s buddy did nothing even though i asked him to help. I gave them a piece of my mind!
15/10/19 1660 Croc rock Brilliant. with the germans Usi Oliver and Stephan. 4 large black groupers together Dentex brown Meagres light coloured grouper. Blue runners Tuna and a lot of Barracudas. The icing on the cake was the TRITON Geoffrey says he seems them as often as twice a year. Rare.
1660 Double Arch again with OLiver and frineds but I also had a man that only wanted to go to 30m We saw barracudas and we got out at Zwenji bay.
16/10/19 1661 Reqqa All along the drop off at about 50. Saw Rob’s Plaque spent the deco time watching blur runners, and little tuna
1672 1662 The Wrecks kawala did everything on the boat engine hold propellor underneath 23min deco 62min I had twenty bar of a 12l left
17/10/19 1663 Middle finger bay to bay. Used a 15 litre with Atlantis BCD and regs HORRIBLE
1664 The Wrecks a lot better with a 12l Cominoland saw a flying gurnard the one that walks and a nudibranch Beautiful weather,
18/10/19 1665 Reqqa went left and went down the far side of the point. met Geoffrey in a panic at the exit of the bottle he had lost two divers. they had “bottled out” Geoffrey was incandescent when he got out.
1666 Ghasri point, I had a new Divemaster with me. I had been asked to give him a check dive. Valentine. His eyes came out on storks when he heard I was going to 55m. We gave him a 15l we were on 12s He was instructed only to go down to 45 and stay in the same column of water. he went into the lotus positon and got narked and dropped to 48 at which point he was sent back up to 45. He was out of air by 50min The fish life was amazing Dentex groupers barracuda blue runners amberjacks. GreatBlue
19/10/19 1667 Blue Hole valley left hand 63.6m 60min The light was beautiful. very calm and clear
1667 Anchor reef. 40m 60m Went to the bottom of the valley and up the valley did not find the yellow sponge. Barracuda on the reef with a couple of dentex
20/10/19 1678 Ghasri point again with the three swiss. went down to 55m stayed down reached the toilet and the two swim throughs. Fish amazing baraccudas, dentex, groupers blue runners, tuna. Went to the big cave near the ladder and I knocked down all the stone towers. came out on less than 20bar
1669 Reqqa 50m pretty quiet compared to the morning but saw a shoal of the larger tuna wihtout the black dots on the spine
21/10/19 1679 Blue hole inland sea. swim through at 57m swim through in old mans cave. Water colder but very clear . 15l extended the strap so it sat higher much more comfortable
1671 Anchor reef. 10 minutes descended to the sand did not find yellow sponge I think it is further to the right. Went up the canyon and back along the reef barracuda
22/10/19 1680 59m The bottle bottom up shrimps forkbeard a good Moray just before we went in. Strong current coming around the corner on the way back. Watched a small octopus for 10mins while doing deco
1673 inland sea to blue hole. swim throught at 53m
23/10/19 1681 tabatha cave? from inland sea 15 litre 82min 45metres could have gone deeper 23min to cave, stayed at the bottom to end Halocline entered second cave on the way back went up chimney.
1674 Marutti 55m the cave on the left with overhang the Marutti is on the sand straight down from there. we saw a lot of fish dentex, barracuda and 2 green brown groupers quite large stayed around. walked back to collect the landrover.
1675 24/10/19 1682 61m 62min Dwerja Valley right hand side, but from the right. In at blue hole stayed shall and could see a trench going to the right. This goes around and you end up in the valley going up very nice!
1676 1683Reqqa got in there and got out at Billinshurst. Great green brown groupers a pair Last Dive with Oliver, Ursi, Stefan. A great 2 weeks
25/10/19 Rest day We did a lot of jobs
1677 26/10/19 Lynne’s birthday. We went to take photographs of the citadel. a walk at Ta Cenc, For a swim at MGarr xinni. Lunch at the cafe near the Helliport. Went to Ta Pinna and a drive near Zeebug. Exhausting
1678 27/10/19 1684 It rained a lot and I got the dry suit out and dived at the blue hole
1679 28/10/19 1685 Ghasri Point with one german. He wanted a deep dive we had 20min deco. He had the same amount of deco but it took 35mins to clear. We went to the swim throughs close to the toilet. We started in a thunderstorm and torential rain. It was dark in the water and the fish were scared of the bright light from the torch.
1680 29/10/19 1686 Ghasri point. A different dive we swam on the surface to the point to go to cathedral cave. went down to the sand 45m and swam to the far wall and point there were caves. On the way back we followed the coast 47.3m 59min FORGET TO COMPLETELY empty by BCD and had trouble at the end of the dive too boyaunt
1681 30/10/19 1687 blue hole one customer an instrutor easy dive a couple of Morays blue runners and a tuna.
1682 1683 31/10/19 1688 The Wrecks. Wind NW a lot of rain in the night Middle finger road closed and the alternative way to muddy. EVERYONE was there. It was crazy. I had three customers. We were first in the water and went to the KAWALA Getting out was a nightmare.
1683 01/11/19 1689 Back to the wrecks. What difference a day makes. No people clear water xlendi 14min deco 70 mins. Much more relaxed better on air having only one person made the difference.
1684 02/11/19 1690 Dwerja 5 customers 2 with nitrox one with a twin set/. I said 45m 2 on nitrox above me and the rest all below me, I lost the plot and did the swim through at 56m we all got back safely.
1685 03/11/19 1691 Ghasri point with some just qualified advanced divers. They could not remember how to put the equipment on. buoncy was a problem. Did Cathedral cave. It was good for me. The truck was broken into while we were under water. A girl lost a camera. I lost my watch and a diving computer.
1686 04/11/19 DAY OFF weather bad and I wanted to report the crime in Victoria.
1687 05/11/19 1692 Reqqua forgot drysuit and then weights AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! fine dive 42.8m 50m Good large groupers a couple of Baraccuda usual blue runners tuna and amberjacks.
1688 06/11/19 1693 Inland sea forgot nothing everything good. Swelly. Went climbing in the afternoon. I really enjoyed myself led about five routes. the hardest was about 6a GREAT
1689 07/11/19 1694 The wrecks. I went with Geoffrey using a 12 litre. We went beyond the kawala saw a small ray a lobster on the kawala. I kept above them near the end to mae sure i had enough air.50m
1690 1691 08/11/19 1695 Ta Cenc An easy dive 30m but did go throught the swim through at 30m. Did not see very much but the visibility was good

Went climbing in the afternoon to Flakeout walls mgarr xi inni. did not feel as strong as I had been a couple of days before.

1692 09/11/19 1696 Double arch but too rough to swim out. I got to the drop off and went right and down to 30m but did not reach the arch went down too early. A couple of Baraccuda and blue runners. 12 mins to the drop off.
1693 10/11/19 1697 The Wrecks the Kawala vis fantastic. sea quite rough near to top of ladder. damsel fish everywhere. Amberjacks huntint a barracuda moray eel and scorpion fish on the wrech and couple of octopuses, We were the only people ther
1694 11/11/19 1698 Inland sea. On my own. Went down to 57m through swim 63mins through looked in all the caves and then came straight up with deep stops in the blue. Dry suit perfect. balance perfect. 12L cylinder 250bar came out with 50bar. Cannot last.
1695 12/11/19 Massive storm frmon the south went with Denis lynne and Georgia to see the waves they were imprssive see facebook
1696 13/11/19 No diving too many waves
1697 14/11/19 1699 Dived from Xwenji bay to double arch not easy to find but we madeit and back
1698 15/11/19 1700 The bottle neck with 5 french. One warned me he might not go in and he dident it was still worrying. they had close to 30min deco. 60m 72min i was clear by 50 min
1699 16/11/19 1701 Reqqa with alan on Nitrox max 35. Saw a conger, baracudas, scorpion fish and a grouper vis not wonderful
1700 17/11/19 Dived from Xwenji bay to double arch with Geoffrey it took him seven minutes to get to the drop off. It took me 9 and it was flat out. He went a different way that i did not recognise

****************** 1.5kg in each back pocket of BCD and 2.5Kg in each poche de lest ***************
********************* 2 years of pandemeic and we are back in Gozo ******************************************
1701 09/09/21 The Wrecks. Max 30m 59m 7Kg without torch poured with rain before the start water warm I went to the Kewala and then Cominoland hovered over both.
1702 10/09/21 Ghasri valley 32.5m 73min 6Kg and a torch went around the point and into the far cave. Buoyancy not good air was moving around in the bcd.
1703 11/09/21 Ghasri Valley 61.1m 53min 15l with Geoffry George and luke felt really good buoncy perfect not sure what was happening yesterday
1704 12/09/21 The Wrecks 59.2 57min Walked right and jumped in good current drift dive coming back with the locals luke +
1705 13/09/21 Ghasri point 60m 50 min to Reqqa exit looked dodgy exit Ghasri so did the distance. groupers triton barracuda
1706 14/09/21 Reqqa 58.6m 45m The bottle lots of people no torch but felt very relaxed.
1707 15/09/21 Ghasri Point 60.4m 65m The point followed by Cathedral cave a queue at the ladder. I drove a lorry for the first time.
1708 16/09/21 Dwerja the valley 60.9m 47 mins Used a 12. Came out with 45b right lobsters nudibranch Triton
1709 17/09/21 double arch 36m 60min starting from the beach on the right hand side. line cross with start of yellow building go down at drop off you will be next to submarine cave. Dead swordfish in cave 09/21
1710 18/09/21 Ghasri Point 58.1m 61mins stayed below 40 for 11 minutes reduced weight to 4.5kg
1711 19/09/21 Cathedral cave 45.1m with a group with twin sets had to bring two back one was scared dizzy.
1712 20/09/21 The Wrecks 42.2m 56m Kawala twin set chechs. made mistake of not asking how much air with double 12s. One had to share my air
1713 21/09/21 46.4m 52min Ghasri valley with the checks
1714 Inland sea 18.4m I had a panic diver end of tunnel and back
1715 22/09/21 Ghasri valley 46-5.4m 52m barracudas, dentex, Groupers excellent dive
1716 Billingshurst cave 28.3m 53m min
1717 23/09/21 The boat P29 35m 34.9 38 min with the checks
1718 latern Point 46.1m 54mins Through the tunnel and then nearly straight down clocked 23min deco and went over two of the swim throughs. was last in the water for 5min.
1719 24/09/21 Reqqa Point last dive with the Czechs shrimp cave no shrimps saw a couple of Barracudas.
25/09/21 Rest day went to the citadel with Lynne
1720 26/09/21 Anchor reef 47.9 Jumped in from the left. Geoffory collected spinners saw a triton octypus Moray eel dentex and a grouper.
1721 27/09/21 Ghasri point 60.6 52min 24min deco Geoff, Richard and myself. good fish life the usual groupers barracuda amberjacks blue runners.
1722 28/09/21 The wrecks 58.8m 63m jumped in right side near the cube of the xlendi saw a few groupers
1723 29/09/21 Reqqa 53.4 45min quite a lot of swell ladder interesting. saw barracuda groupers amberjack, blue runners a couple of small tuna
1724 30/09/21 Middle finger 66.5m 44min a clean middle finger large grouper amberjacks blue runners ton shell
1725 01/10/21 Dwerja valley 61.1 55min The valley a nice set of dentex as we came out of the valley.
1726 02/10/21 Ghasri point 61.4 50min Ghasri point good groupers dentex amberjacks and blue runners. Jeffrey had a leak and came out with ten bar
1727 02/10/21 xjwenja bay 14m 47min Tested dry suit tried 6,7 and 8Kg. 8Kg is the best
1728 03/10/21 Anchor reef 55.5m 48min 8kg ok dry suit dry. there were waves getting out and I fell over climbing up the slope. Disappointing!
1729 04/10/21 Reqqa 58.4m 46m came out with 25bar must start ascending just before 100bar fish good spent a couple of minutes with large grouper
1730 05/10/21 ghasri point 63.8 51min came out with 25bar at 120 I must be thinking about ascending I want to come out with 40bar or at least finish deco by then.
1731 06/10/21 Reqqa point 58.9m 48min The bottle lots of shrimps had a leak in my pressure guage it went after awhile.
1732 07/10/21 Wrecks Kamala vis poor near surface fine below 20m Geoffrey found the sea horse.
08/10/21c Walked along the north coast big waves
1733 09/10/21 Middle finger 65.4m 49min good amberjack ation, scorpion fish octopus Geoffrey saw a few amberjacks
1734 10/10/21 Reqqa 58m 49min with locals watched an octopus while decompressing a giant Moray one barracuda
1735 11/10/21 Middle Finger 63.1 usual sightings dry suit hose leaking at joint.
1736 12/10/21 Middle Finger 30.1 54mins two customers 12l I enjoyed less weight.
1737 13/10/21 Dwerja blue hole to inland sea 56.2m 58min We did many swim throught57s lobsters barracuda good dive
1738 14/10/21 The Wrecks 58.0m 62m Right hand side Saw Ton shell with eggs lots of octopuses.
1739 15/10/21 Middle finger 63.7m 59m Urs Oliver sunny and clear water I felt good.
1740 16/10/21 The Wrecks Xlendi 41.9 49min 49min no problems but did not see a lot
1742 17/10/21 Inland sea 33.4m 57 went to the swim through old man’s cave
1743 17/10 21 Reqqa got close to large grouper on the right and then floated around for a while very relaxing
1744 18/10/21 Ghasri Point lots and lots of fish groupers shoal of 100+ blue runners went to cathedral cave
1745 18/10/21 The Wrecks Kawala nice and quit blue runners in the wreck and 2 black male blue runners on top
1746 19/10/21 Middle finger standard 40m route down to left and up through gap went in at the pipe and came out at the slipway
1747 19/10/21 Dwerja swim throughs along wall up into coral garden down chimney and around the mountains.
1748 20/10/21 boat comino caves. 20.4m 53min fell over going for a pee cut my knee. jumped in without turning gas on. tank came loose after swim through. Lost two divers because she got scared and would not go through cave found them and took them the long way round. in the process lost another.
1749 20/10/21 20.5m 71min p31 saw a little sting ray and floated around the wreck. I was last out.
1750 21/10/21 The wrecks xlendi saw ton shell inside wreck
1751 21/10/21 38.6 Shrimp cave Reqqa No shrimps no current or waves therefore few fish
1752 22/10/21 47.3m 44min blue hole to inland sea. 12litre dry suit came out with 10 close!
1753 22/10/21 28.4m 57min Billingshurst cave and then out swim through go out left not RIGHT side nearly got stuck. big grouper around boulders
1754 24/10/21 59.7m 45min Reqqa quite a swell had to hang on to the ladder tightly. Saw Moray, grouper, shoal blue runners and a few barracuda
1755 25/10/21 47.4m 49min Jumped in at anchor reef got out xwenji bay. tuna blue runners large dentex amberjacks baraccuda a shoal of hundreds
1756 26/10/21 61.3 48min Blue hole. coffee colour to 5m then clear stright out and down the valley left side big lobster
1757 27/10/21 56.3minn 43min Blue Hole with Jan 56.3m swim throughs including the one with the tank boot.
1758 28/10/21 44.6m 56m blue hole with jan did old dive right hand side swim through at 40+ problems with dry suit overinflating
1759 29/10/21 60.6m 51m Middle finger. Went on my own raining when I got there. vis good got in at pipe had a good dive,nice on my own. headed for the slip way vis became terrible pipe was leaking missed it. sufaced found it. There had been a storm while i was in the water pipes were overflowing. It took three attempts to get up the road. Wheel spin. A man told me how to do it.
1760 30/10/21 Middle finger 64.9 49min pipe to slipway clear at depth saw the anvhor form 20m much clearer in the bay than yesterday.
1761 31/10/21 crocodile rock 45.7 47min zip not closed properly lots of water both legs. completed the dive but did not go to deep.

I made three bad mistakes did not turn air on when jumping from boat, zip gap let in water. Slipped while climbing out of anchor reef.
I had 8.5kg at the end needed the extra half when diving on an empty 12. Start with 9 in the spring.

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