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Illegal crossing of Derwent Water Peak District

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Lynne on the pipes that cross Derwent Water before the visitor’s centre.

I have always wanted to cross here but never have. I went to check out their security. It advised that swimming was dangerous but nothing about crossing over the pipes. If Lynne and I could get around the fence then just about anyone can. I can now breathe slightly through my nose and after blowing it I can taste something for about 15 seconds. It was very very windy.


Sotherby’s at Chatsworth

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A family trip to Chatsworth House to view a Sotherby’s sale in the gardens. My parents were staying with us as they had just returned from a family holiday – flying to Manchester airport. Judy and Adee joined us.

The photographs


A Perfect day

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Cobweb Swallow’s wood early morning

On Saturday evening I fell asleep in front of MOD so I woke up early to a rich blue sky and no wind. We went for a walk before 9:00am. Lynne did not take the binoculars and therefore we saw a lot of birds. The highlight being a family of Peregrine Falcons prancing around the sky. We did the walk, extended it and then walked some more. The autumn colours were fabulous and we felt we would not want to be anywhere else.


YSP Jaume Plensa

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Irma and Nuria (WIRE HEADS) 2010 Jaume Plensa

The weather did not look good for cycling or walking. Lynne and I went to the YSP and spent most of the time planning our retirement from paid employment. I decided not to take photographs as we had many things on our minds. I could not resist taking a few. On our return the sun was just setting as we came over the Woodhead pass and the light was exceptional.

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Diving Gozo – Marsalforn

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Red Scorpion fish – click on image to see him/her in full size

The photographs

Our fourth trip to Gozo we like the people and the diving, (more…)

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