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Trouble in Tuscany

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pig web.jpg

I had a close encounter with one of these animals.

A little trip to Tuscany with Lynne and Judy. My last holiday had resulted in a pleasant week, in the circumstances, in a French hospital and the addition of metal to replace smashed bone in my right elbow. The elbow is as good as it was before the accident that is stiff but functional. We had a lovely house in the hills and on Sunday morning the rain that had pelted down on our arrival had stopped. We set off on a cycle ride around Montaione a small hilltop town north of San Gimignano (the town with the towers).


A new camera

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One of the photographs I have taken with my new camera – Canon 400D using the 60mm macro lens.

More photographs can be found here


A trip to see Battersea Power Station

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As I was still converlesing we decided to visit friends in London and take in some sights. Battersea Power station was not on our list before we left but it was a lot of fun.

China Powe Station Part 1

China Power Station Part 1

See the photographs in Gallery 2 – I have up-graded. Click on the view slideshow text on the left and then adjust the size of the image and the time between slides.


Staffordshire Moorlands

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country cuisine web1.jpg
A suitable resting point in Leek

“A ride through remote and enchanting contryside, with a diverse past, visiting several highlights as you explore the hills, ridges and vallleys of the Staffordshire part of the National Park”. (more…)

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