Chaplog tries hard In which an ageing climber comes to terms with life closer to the ground.


Arriving in New Zealand

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Arriving at KeriKeri airport to be met by Steve and Mary< \i Nearly eight years after Mary and Steve left for New Zealand we meet them again. We stayed in their lovely house and admired their garden. Since arriving we have bought a car, I have been introduced to the delight of evening sailing as part of a crew of 6 on a racing yacht, we have done some short walks and eaten some good food. And least I forget we went to see Skyfall in the local cinema.



Around and About

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We arrived back in England on the 25th of October. We stayed with Judy and then moved in to Pete and Haley’s house at Chinley before going up to Glasgow to see Kate. We went to see my parents in Lincoln and then went to London to stay with AL and then to Sarah and family. Then back to Lincoln for Lynne to have an appointment with a consultant regarding her Achilles tendon. We then headed to Chesterfield to see Rick and Clare for the evening. Chinley was our next stop to pack and then we stayed a last night in Glossop before heading for the airport. A busy few days!



Visiting Kate in Glasgow

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Kate at the Botanic Gardens Glasgow

We travelled up stopping at Northern Diver, Dry suit service near Wigan and Keswick to look for some summer clothes for NZ. The next day I bought a new camera system and two pairs of crocs. When it stopped raining we visited the Botanic Gardens they were most impressive.

First photographs with my new camera and wide angle lens

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