Chaplog tries hard In which an ageing climber comes to terms with life closer to the ground.


Prophecy is an art!

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The forecast said rain, the weather maps showed the rain clouds passing Macclesfield, our destination, around the time we would be starting our ride. As we passed the Cat and Fiddle in the mist and pouring rain Judy and Lynne were not convinced that we would get out of the car. It stopped raining and the sky was blue and we did not get wet.


What you can do with digital maps – distance 32Km, elevation 733 metres and lunch was OK



Kate is 18 years young

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kate web.jpg

Kate is 18 and we had a family meal to celebrate




Who wants a car when you can have a van

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The Citreon Berlingo large enough for two bikes and room to change in when it is wet and windy – not at the same time!

And it was wet and windy. In fact windy enough to blow off the roof of the Aldi supermarket in Chester and to kill a couple of oil rig workers close to the Shetlands.


Good food at Ilam

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The weather was close to freezing but sunny on Saturday. We are now using mountain bikes and I estimate it was about 18 degrees centigrade cooler than last weekend in Tuscany.


Ilam Church – a view from outside the National Trust cafe


Chianti Classico

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Lynne in village web.jpg

Lynne cycling in Chianti Classico country

The weather got better the colours brighter and nobody fell off their bike. With three bikes inside the car we could start from where we wanted to. It was cherry picking the best rides. As we did not visit Pisa, Sienna or Firenze I think we may go back. I took a lot of photographs as I had a new camera and the light and scenary were fantastic.


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