Chaplog tries hard In which an ageing climber comes to terms with life closer to the ground.


A walk on the Curbar/Froggart Edge

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The Serengeti – above Curbar.

Our Saturday morning walk,the most elderly of options as we neither had a hangover nor any more athletic pastime to consider, we went for a pleasant walk before the sun came out properly. Our imagination ran wild and we considered some flat land above Curbar as the Serengeti a place we had not visited but connected it to vast herds of Wildebeests and lions and such. Silver birch became Acacia trees and sheep became lions…. Grow up!

Some photographs


London 2011

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Lynne and I travelled down to London on Thursday night for the BETT 2011 event staying with Sarah On Friday evening it rained a lot, after clearing the drains Isabel and I did “singing in the rain”. On Saturday we explored the potential of travelling through London with an RTF strike and numerous line closures. We tried to visit the Gauguin exhibition in London it was the last day and we did not get in. Tate Britain did let us in and we enjoyed the Turner and Constable paintings.


Sugwoth Hall – Boot’s tower

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Boot’s tower showing the removed staircase

As I cycled around the Peak District I made note of interesting footpath signs for the time I could not cycle. Well that time has arrived and this weekend we did the first on my list Boot’s tower. It was built in 1935, a folly, to give work during the depression. The staircase was removed when a cow attempted to get to the top floor and got stuck. In getting her out they removed the staircase. It was cold and very windy both Judy and I of modest build were nearly blown away on a couple of occasions.

Some photographs

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