Chaplog tries hard In which an ageing climber comes to terms with life closer to the ground.


A dubious decision

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The thaw had just started. Those in the know understand that old railway tracks that have been converted to bridleways have a surface that has the consistency of porridge in these conditions. We were also using our mountain bikes that were set up for the summer, no mudguards. The result can be seen below!

In the cafe we stood in the entrance to drink coffee and eat cake. Sitting down was not an option as it appeared as if we had been sprayed with a thin layer of concrete


Kate’s Graduation

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Kate received her GCSE certificates and a prize for textiles and Lynne and I found things to worry about. Suprisingly the weather was the same as last year, for this weekend, sunny. So on Saturday we did the same as last year went for a ride around Buxton.

Smalldale – Tideswell – Eyam – Stoney Middleton – Cressbrook – Litton – Tideswell – Smalldale

Where the sun did not shine it was a wee bit chilly



New bikes

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There is nothing like becoming the proud owner of a new bike

We drove to Leyland to collect three beautiful new bikes. What was strange was that we just got on them and cycled. No adjustments were necessary as they were made to measure.


A family gathering

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Sarah , Isabel, Mark and a strange dog

We are not sure what Mark is doing here, my only suggestion is that he is deeply inhaling the country air.



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Courtyard at Chambord with pumpkins ready for Halloween!

Our holiday photographs


The modern dinosaur

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This came as quite a surprise

Holiday Photographs

26th October Wednesday

I needed to check my e-mail. This is not an easy matter in this part of France, Blois was the nearest place that had an Internet Cafe and that was over 30 minutes in the car.

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