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New Year’s Eve

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The weather is getting to us as we went on the beach and it rained. I brought up the subject of New Zealand again with Lena and Kate.

Board walk South Beach
Walking to South Beach on the Boardwalk with a bit of rain and wind


An iPod day

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On the beach

It turned out sunny which really was a surprise as we were getting used to the fact that sunshine was something we were going to be without. I have decided that there is one toy that I have to have, an iPod and if I am going to have one it might as well be the biggest one 40 GB. Lynne and I trooped off to the Mall to buy one.


A family trip to Snake Valley

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Lena with Alligator

Lena navigating the Snake Valley trail


The Everglades – a solo trip

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Waiting for cyclists

Cycle trail in the Everglades National Park – they wait for cyclists!

I had a shock this morning I went out for my run before breakfast and instead of the temperature being 70 ish it was 50 ish that is quite a change and a bit of a shock to the system.



Monty’s fish restaurant

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Lena Christmas party

Lena at Montys

The plan was for an easy day by the pool but the wind had got up and though it was sunny it felt cool. We decided to go down to Miami South Beach (I am told that this is a cool thing to do) for a bit of promenading and then to our sea food restaurant (Montys).


Christmas day

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Christmas meal

Christmas lunch

The weather forecast said it would rain today. Plan A had been to have an easy day on the beach as we are all still tired, on the other hand a visit to the Everglades national Park would appear to be the best option weather wise – cooler for walking.


Hire Car Problems

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I have had a lot of experience of hire cars, have made a few mistakes and heard of many more that have ruined people’s holidays – particularly climbing trips. I have learnt by personal experience that having a puncture and not getting the tyre mended can be expensive and that someone breaking into your car by smashing a window does not count as theft.

Kate posing next to a hotel car


A jet Lagged Rant

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The Hotel

Is it a good idea to get up at 4:00 am the day after the term finishes to start a 20 hour journey to get to Miami?

Lena and Kate in the car

The hotel theme is cars of the 50s


A character building/destroying ride

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Looking towards Lady Clough on the way to the Snake Inn

It would have been tempting not to go for a ride today. It was cold, rainy with a spattering of hail. Lynne and I went out with a plan that we promptly forgot when we saw that the Snake road was closed – an opportunity for a bike ride without cars.


The shortest day approaches

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At this time last year I was reflecting on the general pain of an English winter and the habits of the people who live through it. Looking at the list at least I have done something about the things I can change. I am flying out to warmer climes when the school holiday starts.

Derwint winter scene

Derwent water



The Bradfields

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There are two Bradfields a Higher and a Lower. The Higher has a an attractive church (Interactive 360 view) and the Lower a fantastic Post Office/Cafe that serves very good coffee. It is easy to plan a ride around a cafe stop and a place that serves good coffee is always popular. This was not our first visit.

The Bradfields

Higher and Lower Bradfield

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